How to Publish Your Game on NewGrounds (and Why You Should Do It)

As a game developer, you have many storefronts to choose from. Today, we'll show you how to publish your game on Newgrounds (and why).

Previously, we've shown you how to publish your games on platforms such as Poki, CrazyGames,,, and Steam. Today, we'll talk about another storefront any game developer should consider: Newgrounds. Here's how to publish your game on Newgrounds and a few reasons why you should do it.

Newgrounds: What Is It?

Unlike other storefronts on the list above, Newgrounds isn't just a video game portal. Creators can also publish movies, music, audio assets, and art assets.

This makes Newgrounds a unique proposition because it allows your game to be seen by people other than gamers: people looking for movies or music, for example.

Other Advantages of Newgrounds

An open secret among game developers is that Newgrounds actually promotes new games organically, rather than only promoting those that pay to be promoted.

This evens out the playing field for up-and-coming developers, making Newgrounds fertile ground to find an audience if you're a new game creator. platform.

This isn't a feature unique to Newgrounds, though: also promotes games on merit, rather than simply promoting whoever has money to be promoted.

You can also publish your game on, Poki, Steam, Liluo and Crazygames. You can see how to publish in all of these storefronts by checking out our dedicated page on publishing.

How to Publish Your Game on Newgrounds Part 1 - Your Engine

Depending on which game engine you choose to make your game, this process may vary. You need to export an HTML5 package in order to publish a game on Newgrounds.

Thankfully, with GDevelop it is very easy to publish an HTML5 package that is ready to upload to Newgrounds. In fact, all you need is a free GDevelop account, and your game can be exported with a single click!

Find out more about the publishing process on our wiki.

How to Publish Your Game on Newgrounds Part 2 - Newgrounds

Unlike Steam, which requires you to pay a fee for every game you want to publish, Newgrounds allows you to publish games for free. All you need to do is to create a free account, then click on the Upload Your Creation button, and select Game:

Once you have filled out all of the details about your game, simply click "Publish Project" and you're done! It's that simple.

Why You Should Publish on Newgrounds

As we said, Newgrounds is a very democratic website to publish a game. It's not driven purely by those willing to spend money to promote their games.

Also, the fact that people come from all over the world to take a look at animated films or listen to music, and they still get exposed to your game really amplifies the number of potential players.

And with GDevelop, it's never been easier to make a game and publish it on Newgrounds. GDevelop, a free, no-code game creator, allows you to create games easily and export them with a single click to a variety of platforms, including Android, and Newgrounds.