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GDevelop is a fast and simple way to create fun video games. Without having to write a single line of code.

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Open-source and no-code
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You don’t have to be a developer to create an awesome game (anymore)

With its no-code interface, GDevelop allows you to create an awesome game in just a few days. Even if you have no game design experience or can’t code. You've never seen anything like this.

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All the tools for you to build a quality game in record time

Assets Store

You don’t have to hire an expensive designer to create your game’s characters and items.

Our assets store has a selection of more than 30,000 free and premium items that you can add to your game instantly. In just a few clicks.

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It’s free and always will be.

Visual effects library

No one wants to play a game that looks terrible. So you need your visual effects to look sharp.

Use from over 25 different visual effects that you can integrate instantly in your project. In just a few clicks.

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Behaviors libraries

No one likes a static game. You want to have some movement to keep it entertaining.

We have a set of ZZZ pre-set behaviors that you can add to your game instantly. In just a few clicks.

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It’s free and always will be.

Behaviors library

No one likes spending hours building the basic movements and logic for your game. That's why community made behaviors are here: assemble them to quickly build a game - or create your own.

We have a set of 70+ pre-set behaviors that you can add to your game instantly. In just a few clicks.

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It’s free and always will be.

We also teach you how to create your first game.

Even though GDevelop is super simple to use, we want to make sure you get the most out of the platform from day one. So we create an academy to help you create your first game using GDevelop.

We’ll show you how to create and use:






and more!

Learn game creation with our videos
GDevelop has been used in education and by professionals,
you'll be surprised how simple it is to use

So that you can create and share awesome games... for free !

Educational games

Teachers around the world are using GDevelop in class to teach about game design and coding.

Indie games and professional game studios

Game creators publish awesome 2D games every day on Steam, iOS and Android via GDevelop.

Training and gamification

Who says training has to be boring? Companies worldwide have been using GDevelop to gamify their corporate trainings.

Create your own game today.
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More reasons to love us:

See your changes as you make them

Wondering what your changes might look like? See them as they happen using our live preview feature. That way, no more time spent playing your game from scratch to adjust small details.

Battle tested technology

Our tech has been developed and refined over the last 10 years. It works on mobile, on desktop, on the web. So that you can focus 100% on creating.

Easy to deploy online

Want to share your work? You can deploy your game on Steam, Android, iOS and more in just a few clicks. Get your first players today with our own gaming platform, then go to the app stores.

Here’s what they say about GDevelop

“ It is an excellent way to help students to associate the video games concepts

I lived a great experience when I guided my students step by step, through the tutorials, discovering G Develop: to see their faces of surprises when the objects began to move, jump, follow instructions... With this software is easy create objects, players, platforms, animations. It is an excellent way to help students to associate the video games concepts and the practical.

John D.
Digital Marketer

“ The Easiest Way To Start Game Developing ”

As someone who had no experience creating games other than some simple coding on Minecraft, GDevelop made it easy for me to jump in and try it out. I did have to watch some tutorials on YouTube, but after those, I was able to animate and code my own simple platformer, and my students were able to see it as well!

Emily G.
Product Manager

“ A Fun Way to Start Coding! ”

GDevelop has been a blast to use both as a teacher, and as a gamer! I've played games a lot in my own personal time, and run a Minecraft coding club with my 3rd graders, so GDevelop was fun and exciting addition to that! The students were so excited to see what could be made, and putting them in was easy with the sprite designer! Great fun, and easy to get into!

Daniel F.
Product Developer