Fully featured

GDevelop is bundled with hundreds of features to help create any kind of game you can imagine.

Объекты для вашей игры

Use ready made objects from the asset store or create your own from scratch. Choose sprites, particle emitters, texts, videos and many others to build the scenes of your game.





Text Objects

Tiled Sprites

Use visual effects (shaders)

Add effects to the layers and objects of your scene. These effects allow to quickly changes the atmosphere and rendering of your game in one click.


Let's try a shader

Добавляйте поведения к вашим игровым объектам

Dozens of additional behaviors are available through community extensions. You can import them in one click directly from the GDevelop editor.

Дизайн сложных уровней и интерфейсов

The scene editor lets you visually edit your levels. Use Piskel, a powerful sprite editor, Jfxr for sound effects, Yarn for dialogues, integrate assets from the asset store or use the debugger to inspect your game while playing it.

Super fast development with Live Preview

Just press a single button to apply your changes to the running game. Preview your games on other devices (phone, tablets, other computers) using the Network Preview - without having to export them.

Apply shader effect to Platform

Black and white
live preview
live preview platform

Разместите свою игру повсюду

Игры, созданные в GDevelop, работают на любых платформах, а экспортировать их можно одним кликом мыши. Экспорт в формате браузерного приложения или мобильного приложения для iOS и Android; возможность опубликовать в Steam, Facebook Gaming, Itch.io, Newgrounds, Microsoft Store...

Создание амбициозных игр с расширенными функциями

GDevelop is built to be super intuitive, but under the hood it's a full featured 2D game engine based on battle tested technologies.

There are no limits to the games you can make, from fun hyper-casual mobile games to complex adventure games.