Contributing to GDevelop

GDevelop is an “open-source” project, which means that anyone can contribute to improve the software. Here are the multiple ways that you can contribute to GDevelop without paying a subscription:

Translating GDevelop to other languages

GDevelop’ website and Game Engine are currently translated by our community.
These translations are made via Crowdin, where everyone can translate GDevelop’s written content to their native language.
To start contributing, you have to create a Crowdin account for free.
Follow the links to start:

Creating and reviewing Game Extensions

GDevelop has a list of powerful extensions which allow creators to take their game creation further. To contribute to upcoming and future extensions, here’s what you can do:

Resolving community’s questions

The forum and the Discord chat are the places where users go to get answers to niche questions. You can provide help in any of the two based on your platform preferences (please keep in mind that you have to be at least 13 years old to join our Discord server).

Writing articles for our documentation

Our documentation is also managed and enriched by fellow members of the community. The documentation is, and should stay the reliable source of truth for GDevelop’s users: it is searchable, and quick to contribute.
Today, there are two ways that you can help maintain the documentation updated:

  • In order to add new information to the documentation, a PR is needed on GitHub. Please visit this repostiory for more information.
GDevelop' Documentation

Before you start please, read the guide on how to write for technical Documentation.

Contribute to GDevelop app or its game engine

If you’re good with code, you can also contribute to GDevelop’s App: You can find Our game engine source code on GitHub, and GDevelop’s Design System on Storybook.
To contribute to open GitHub issues you can:

  • Look at the list of open general issues on Github here
  • Report known bugs here
  • Star the Project on GitHub here.

Contributing to the Asset Store

GDevelop has an integrated asset store where users can search, install or even purchase assets directly on the app.

If you want to sell your art on the Asset Store, please apply on this form or send an email to marketing[at] and make a quick introduction with who you are, where you live and your portfolio.
If you are a 2D animator, background designer, sound designer or typography designer and you’d like to upload ready-made assets for our creators, you can submit your art through Github by following this link.

Becoming a community advocate

Are you already creating and sharing amazing content for our community?
Do you want to get more involved and even organise meet-ups or GDevelop events in your city?
Think about applying to our community advocate program!

Following GDevelop on social medias

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