Promotional Video Games Created With GDevelop

Here are some video games created with GDevelop for promotions by McDonald's, Starbucks, HP and more.

The world of gaming expands way beyond its original frontiers. Nowadays, brands big and small use games as a marketing tool to engage with their customers in a fun, innovative way that feels natural for their brand, and provides entertainment for the users.

For developers, this is a fantastic opportunity to earn extra income, build relationships with brands and agencies, and build up an attractive portfolio of widely-publicized video games.

Why make a promotional video game?

There are many reasons why companies all over the world choose to make promotional video games, such as:

  • To interact with customers: strengthen commitment to the brand, make customers loyal because they are committed to the brand image by playing,
  • Promote in an innovative way: a video game is not like ads on display in public places, or an advertising video spot on TV,
  • Possible virality: the massive buzz effect for an addictive game that will be easily shared by players. You can include high scores, leaderboards and more,
  • Data collection is a way for the brand to obtain more information about its customers, which helps to improve market segmentation and strengthen the brand. You can choose to collect email addresses, social media accounts, and more,
  • Giving points/tickets/rewards to be distributed directly to customers, who can then use them or withdraw them in-store via their accounts.

Here are some examples of branded promotional video games created with GDevelop

Starbucks Singapore

When it comes to coffee, few brands in the world are as recognizable as Starbucks. In order to develop a limited-time promotion in Singapore, Starbucks commissioned a video game, which was created with GDevelop.

If you’re familiar with cooking games, this is a game in which you’d feel right at home. The game featured many levels, powerups, and fantastic graphics. Well done to the developers, and thank you Starbucks for promoting your products using a game made with GDevelop!

Starbucks promoting the game
See a social media post from Starbucks Singapore promoting the game made with GDevelop!

McDonald’s Brazil

McDonald's promo game created with GDevelop.

McDonald's promo game created with GDevelop.

Another enormous global brand with recognition around the world is McDonald’s. And when it came time to create a new promotion, they turned to a GDevelop game creator to make a game about catching falling French fries!

This game was made available in the Brazilian McDonald’s App, and users could rack up points and then cash them in for prizes such as discount coupons. We can’t wait to see what else McDonald’s Brazil has in store for their market! And once more, GDevelop shows its usefulness as a development tool for promotional games on a large scale.

McDonald's promoting the game
See McDonald's promoting the game made with GDevelop via their X account!

Other Examples of Promotional Games

Promo Game for Prime Video
Check out promotional games made with GDevelop to promote Prime Video's The Boys and Invincible!

Promo Games for HP and Omen
Check out these promo games made with GDevelop for HP and Omen

UK-Backed Climate Change Awareness
Check out this game made with GDevelop, backed by the UK Govt., to raise awareness for climate change.

Training Game for Natura
Check out this training game made by Netzen for MLMs like Natura, used for training.

EU-Backed Project in Croatia
Check out this educational project created with GDevelop in Croatia, backed by the EU.