Here Are the Winners of the First-Ever GDevelop Game Jam!

Marcos Codas

Marcos Codas

Hi all! What a great few weeks it has been! The GDevelop Game Jam #1 is finally done. We’re extremely thankful to the 882 participants who worked very hard for 10 days to submit 215 games.

After receiving more than 5,600 ratings during a 1-week voting period, as well as an extra few days for the judges to vote on their favorites, the results are in! Without further ado, let me present to you the winners of the first-ever GDevelop Game Jam!

Community Winners 🏆

Here are the top 20 games, as rated and chosen by everyone who submitted a game to the jam. Every person on each winning team will get a 1-year GDevelop premium subscription. The games also went straight into the final round of voting for the Judges’ Awards and the chance to get a cash prize.

  1. Hero Builder Play on | Play on
  2. Brick City: Earthquake rescue Play on | Play on
  3. Ruined Ruins Play on | Play on
  4. Village Keeper Play on
  5. CHAOS MIKE Play on
  6. //TO:DO Play on | Play on
  7. Northburg: GameJam Edition Play on
  8. Treta Tetris Play on
  9. Techno Towers - For GDevelop Jam #1 Play on | Play on
  10. Dioecesis Play on
  11. SPACE ODYSSEY - Away and Beyond! Play on
  12. I robot GDX22 Play on
  13. Colony Crawler Play on | Play on
  14. Subcolony-A Short Underwater Builder Game Play on
  15. BuildShooter Play on
  16. Dragon's Hoard Play on
  17. Primal Play on
  18. Physalis Play on | Play on
  19. Alive Play on
  20. BuildUp Play on

Honorable Mentions 🎖

These are games that were not in the top 20 community-voted submissions but were thought to be of special note. They were hand-picked by judges to advance to the voting round for the Judges’ Awards. They get laurels for their games and kudos from the judges for their great effort in the jam!

Judges’ Award Winners 🏅

Here are the grand winners of the first-ever GDevelop Game Jam! The candidates came from a mix of community winners and games hand-picked by judges to participate in the final voting. They get a cash prize to be divided amongst the team members! Congratulations!

Winners' List

Congratulations to all winners! If you're a winner and haven't heard from us yet, please email us from the same email account you used on your GDevelop project.

If you made the game with teammates, please add in copy of the email all your teammates.

We were overwhelmed by the community response to this jam, and cannot wait to get started on the next GDevelop event.

In the meantime, visit each game’s page and give them a whirl! They are fantastic games and we’re proud to have them as a showcase of what is possible with GDevelop. See you all in the next GDevelop Game Jam, everyone!