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Vai Juliette!

Must-play games

Vai Juliette! by Ornilo Games

Downloaded over 1 million times across Google Play and the Apple App Store.

Venture into this hypercasual game alongside the Brazilian superstar Juliette Freire!

The Boys: El Patriota

Must-play games

The Boys: El Patriota by Slumber Party Games

Official promotional game for Prime Video's The Boys.

A game set in the unverse of The Boys, where you escape from a research facility while causing all manner of havoc.

Stranded on a Raft

Must-play games

Stranded on a Raft by Rinexus Games

Took part in the Philippine Gamedev Expo 2023.

A survival game where the player finds themselves alone on a raft in the middle of the ocean. Collect resources, make tools and shelter, and...

In Katuba

Must-play games

In Katuba by Joe Yu

Took part in the Korean indie game festival Burning Beaver 2022.

A side scrolling action packed game with a focus on boss battles and spectacle.

Ball Challenge 2

Must-play games

Ball Challenge 2 by André Holtz

Played over 100 thousand times across the web.

A 2D physics platformer game with puzzles and challenging elements. Collect all the diamonds and coins in the level while dodging traps!


Must-play games

Lil BUB's HELLO EARTH by Lil BUB's Team

Funded through kickstarter, raising almost 150 thousand dollars.

BUB is a very special, one of a kind critter. More specifically, she is the most amazing cat on the planet... and her game is made with GDev...

Bullet Bunny

Must-play games

Bullet Bunny by penusbmic

Took part in Steam’s summer Nextfest 2023.

A twin-stick shooter with rogue-like elements where you fend off an onslaught of enemies, level up, and create unique builds every run while...

Invincible La Segunda Oportunidad

Must-play games

Invincible La Segunda Oportunidad by Slumber Party Games

Official promotional game for Prime Video's Invincible.

An action packed top down shooter set in the Invincible universe.


Must-play games

SPECTRUM by Calastrovsk

Played over 2 million times across the web.

The game is a platform puzzle game in which you play as a white square that can be divided into different colors by passing through colored ...

Uphill Climb Racing Neon

Must-play games

Uphill Climb Racing Neon by Frolics2dio

Downloaded over 10 thousand times on mobile.

Collect all of the items and reach the end of the track without crashing! Want to test your skills in a fun and challenging physics based g...


Must-play games

---Red---Tether--> by Sleeper Games

Maintains a 100% positive review rating on steam over a year after release.

Explosive top-down space combat that revolves entirely around linking yourself with opponents or them with each other.

Brain Game: Test Your IQ

Must-play games

Brain Game: Test Your IQ by GAMEE 2D

Logical puzzles for everyone. Are you ready to discover how smart you really are?

Examination of Fear

Must-play games

Examination of Fear by Tejas Joshi

An analog horror quiz game that has been played by hundreds of YouTubers.

Thank you for volunteering in our research! Just answer a few questions and the job is yours. What could go wrong?

Spent Shells

Must-play games

Spent Shells by HelperWesley

Played over 100 thousand times across the web.

Fight through endless rooms of ever increasing difficulty as you collect points to unlock new tools and upgrades, and eventually claim the g...


Must-play games

Squaremoji by Wishforge Games

Squaremoji is a physics-based puzzle-platformer packed with crazy action, colourful graphics & lots of challenging levels.

Draw Line Parking

Must-play games

Draw Line Parking by PANDAKO

Draw a line with your finger to guide the car to the parking lot.

Gods from the Abyss

Must-play games

Gods from the Abyss by Ars Creativa

"Gods from the Abyss" is a local co-op side-scroller beat'em up inspired in classical arcade games like "Golden Axe", "Final Fight", "TMNT",...

Miko Adventures Puffball

Must-play games

Miko Adventures Puffball by Coriander Games

Miko Adventures Puffball is a challenging, tough, charming, colorful and cute 2D Platformer with a Metroidvania feeling to it. You play Miko...


Must-play games

DotBullet by fawdot

Evil machines known as the Automatons of Deletion are being mass produced, but by what? Only you can stop the mysterious force creating thes...

Hyperspace Dogfights

Must-play games

Hyperspace Dogfights by Sleeper Games

Hyperspace Dogfights is a juicy jet-combat roguelike in which you'll blast, dodge and slice your way through masses of technologically infer...


Must-play games

Connexon by Vih-King

Connexon is a puzzle game about logic, agility and fast thinking.

Ecolândia: Educação Ambiental

Must-play games

Ecolândia: Educação Ambiental by André Holtz

A Brazilian game about environmental education. There are five games that will teach you in a fun way about protecting our planet. Level up ...

Casino Roll

Must-play games

Casino Roll by HelperWesley

You're a single die in a games bar, fighting rogue game pieces for the owner.


Must-play games

Karambola by Holy Pangolin

Nominated for **AMAZE Berlin 2017 awards**, shown at NowPlayThis 2017 in London, PGA 2017 in Poznań, Pixel Heaven 2017 in Warsaw.

In the middle of the summer, a pack of evil bird-thoughts attacked a peaceful village of emotional fruit people. They have been separated, e...

Inspecteur Serge

Must-play games

Inspecteur Serge by Maxime Becquet - La classe du lama

The child must observe a certain number of objects (1, 2 or 3 depending on the chosen difficulty), memorize them, then find them among a set...

Harold in Heck

Must-play games

Harold in Heck by NUTT

A 3D dungeon exploring narrative game with some quirky humor and a unique style.

Gentei Shooter

Must-play games

Gentei Shooter by fawdot

Gentei Shooter is a fast paced bullet hell game where defeating a certain enemy can drop weapons. The weapons you can get from a triangle ar...

Super Chicken TD

Must-play games

Super Chicken TD by TemptyOne and texugozap

The bugs are trying to eat your crops. Get rid of them using your chickens!

Rhythm Retro

Must-play games

Rhythm Retro by Soulzilla Games

A rhythm game with R.P.G. elements, a leaderboard, and achievements. Challenge yourself with 120 unique gameplay combinations! Level up your...


Must-play games

Iced by TemptyOne

Iced is a shoot em' up where you have to fight against hordes of enemies that advance towards you. Collect crates to earn new weapons and po...


Must-play games

Northburg by Bill and Ray_ark

An RTS game with settlement-building mechanics mixed with aspects of a tower defense game, gather resources and defend your Burg from the in...

Golf Adventures!

Must-play games

Golf Adventures! by ZachjuKamashi

Golf Adventures is a casual minigolf game with challenging and fun levels! It features 120 levels, 40 player skins, and 25 achievements.

Rocket Racers

Must-play games

Rocket Racers by Tulenväki Productions

Race through the asteroid field with ever increasing speeds. Dodge the asteroids and burning wrecks of previous players from the leaderboar...

Type of game
Type of game
Trivia game
Beat 'em up
Board or card game
Graphic adventures
Typing game
Sports-based fighting
Art game
Visual novels
Vehicle simulation
Open world
Serious game
Tower defense
Role-playing (RPG)
Action RPG
Survival horror
Interactive movie
Life simulation
Auto battler (Auto chess)
Battle Royale
Turn-based tactics (TBT)
Sandbox RPG
Text adventures
Tactical RPG
Real-time strategy (RTS)
Turn-based strategy (TBS)
Grand strategy wargame
Real-time tactics (RTT)
Construction and management simulation
Alanna The Princess Of Puzzles

Alanna The Princess Of Puzzles by Games Igniter by Ulises Freitas

Fungi Run

Fungi Run by SHEHAN

Eggventure: Savior of Galaxy

Eggventure: Savior of Galaxy by Rebel Valley Inc.

Escape from the cursed city

Escape from the cursed city by Gabor Gyenei

A strange summer in Forest Hill

A strange summer in Forest Hill by Pato Peirano (Lazoky Games)


SpaceWings by Erwill


MemBlind by Still on randos

FNF CTP Remake

FNF CTP Remake by MadManToss

A Pixel Adventure Legion

A Pixel Adventure Legion by Ulises Freitas

In And Out - Night Burglar

In And Out - Night Burglar by Helper Wesley


+qwE by Ahnaf30e

Grand'ma and the flowers

Grand'ma and the flowers by LumbirBwut

Crazy Delivery

Crazy Delivery by Playoff2

Flippen Run Mike

Flippen Run Mike by Button Bash Games

Traffic Lights: Color up your day

Traffic Lights: Color up your day by Exotics Studio

Galaxy Bash

Galaxy Bash by Helper Wesley

Space Tappers

Space Tappers by Taqzwee

Asteroid Dig - Mobile

Asteroid Dig - Mobile by Helper Wesley


WordElations by MeViPortal


Caveman by Siddharth

Geometry FiLL

Geometry FiLL by Ranbarg Studios


ImpossiBall by CrazYBear

Dojo Run

Dojo Run by Bruno Silva de Souza

Angry Colors

Angry Colors by Deevei Free Games

Skull Bat Boy

Skull Bat Boy by Super Villain

Durr Burger

Durr Burger by Sparckman




Alkebulan by Darlington Games

Endless Kung-Fu

Endless Kung-Fu by NetDancer Games

Angry Space Fighter

Angry Space Fighter by GBL Studio

Inky Boy

Inky Boy by Games By Jack

Don't Be A Baby!

Don't Be A Baby! by David Caldera


LIMO by Marichalazo

Bishi and the Alien Slime Invasion!

Bishi and the Alien Slime Invasion! by Matt Barker


Tundmatu by Jukka Rapa

Castle Escape

Castle Escape by Bruno Silva Souza

Mega Panic Pixel

Mega Panic Pixel by NanoSoft


YELLOW BUS by Aydin Yildiz & Akin Yildiz

Survive Evil Resident Zombies

Survive Evil Resident Zombies by shinobiRozs


ENDLESS DEMON by LockHeart Studio

Il etait...

Il etait... by Bouh, Bravo & Corbel

Fury FI

Fury FI by Deevei Free Games


Gravity by Bitt Studio

Super Billard

Super Billard by Antoine Sertling

Lotus Meditation

Lotus Meditation by YogaPlay

Wakandan Knuckles

Wakandan Knuckles by shinobiRozs

Attack On Human : Spider's Revenge

Attack On Human : Spider's Revenge by shinobiRozs

Storm Area 51

Storm Area 51 by shinobiRozs

Eternity Under Fire

Eternity Under Fire by 4ian

Armadura De Orion

Armadura De Orion by Natanael Vasconcelos Leitão


DIX by TheFrogStudio.net

Blazing Inferno of Space

Blazing Inferno of Space by MillionthVector

Ecce Deus

Ecce Deus by 4ian

Smash The Eggs

Smash The Eggs by Francisco Nacher


Modelo by AjidoDm

Pixel Black

Pixel Black by EMKBRO

Burgers en folie

Burgers en folie by Fax

Key To Nowhere

Key To Nowhere by Ricardo Graca


Introspectus by SquameGames


Discolors by Ousaf


Ruxby by Twisted Kitty


Evasion by Gatuzz

Return To Meow Keep

Return To Meow Keep by Sknarp

Jeux suis fan

Jeux suis fan by Michael J Hatena

Floresia I : Intemporel

Floresia I : Intemporel by Mister-Slam

Gaston : Nuits de cauchemar

Gaston : Nuits de cauchemar by Hysteria Games

NIKO the Curious Cat

NIKO the Curious Cat by Jogador W

Brick Drop

Brick Drop by Jak Inventions


Sakawochi by Matthias Meike (Wend1go)


Jukade by Fruk

Spider Adventures

Spider Adventures by AgusDev

The Woods

The Woods by Roy Matipa

Metro Linea 1

Metro Linea 1 by EDIM


Polytope by Seraphi

Helico Rescue

Helico Rescue by GameSome

The Blue Critter Adventure!

The Blue Critter Adventure! by Blue Critter Games



Don't Die

Don't Die by Brainjured Studio

Pixel Ball

Pixel Ball by Make Play

Sprite Size

Sprite Size by Malek Elsady


Cloudship by Oxey405

Lock Simulation

Lock Simulation by Pragmasoft asbl


Nukepath by Tempty One

Tiny Golf - Fun Mini Golf Game 2D

Tiny Golf - Fun Mini Golf Game 2D by Mad Elephant Studios


疯狂弹跳球 by muyinz

Pixel Aircraft

Pixel Aircraft by muyinz

Christmas gift giver

Christmas gift giver by muyinz

Virus Puzzle

Virus Puzzle by FiataSoft

Swirl Watch

Swirl Watch by Sleeper Games

Elements Online

Elements Online by Semaggames.nl


Emptyside by GolDDolph


//planetaSBVVR by EAnim

Tap Tap Rush

Tap Tap Rush by Planet 2D


RosyTeo by FiataSoft

Adventures Of Draco

Adventures Of Draco by Stoopid Genius


Balldemon by Ian Peter

Beto & Berta

Beto & Berta by Ian Peter

Hyddan's Quest

Hyddan's Quest by André Holtz

Machine World and the incredible rebellion of an nhcc

Machine World and the incredible rebellion of an nhcc by Entusiasta Games


Slimey by gamepanter

The Wheel To Go

The Wheel To Go by Skilshotgames

Leisure jump

Leisure jump by muyinz

Comet Combat

Comet Combat by Victris Games

Night Guardian

Night Guardian by AR Borno


Maquila by Juan Chamo - PLAYOFF2

Stick Me Ninja

Stick Me Ninja by Even Better Games

Collasped Glitched Parkour

Collasped Glitched Parkour by Dreamkingmovies

Draw for Ball

Draw for Ball by Gabriel Almeida

Nail It Hammer

Nail It Hammer by frolics2dio

Food Comes From Above

Food Comes From Above by Crisoberilo Digital

Oshi's Journey

Oshi's Journey by Bill

Jurassic Fantasy

Jurassic Fantasy by Conmtrast

Ball Challenge

Ball Challenge by André Holtz

Skeleton Pumps

Skeleton Pumps by darkfleyker


23UL by Flore


Ballzeye by Big Head Bro Games

Galaxy Adventure

Galaxy Adventure by Manu_Dev

Time for Love

Time for Love by LumbirBwut

Bun. Roll and jump

Bun. Roll and jump by Casual Sweet Games


Mimbuku by EAnim

Infinity Balls 2

Infinity Balls 2 by RABKNS.ONLINE

Robokite: Tag Along

Robokite: Tag Along by Glume Games

Seven Nights At Rikey's

Seven Nights At Rikey's by Elairyx

A Family Tree

A Family Tree by LumbirBwut


Redgy by Marandici


TripleJump by Lee Saenz

Fruit Fill Puzzle

Fruit Fill Puzzle by frolics2dio

PatangBazi - Kite Flying

PatangBazi - Kite Flying by RABKNS STUDIO

Virus Kill

Virus Kill by Bad Arts

Brusnik's Long Way Home

Brusnik's Long Way Home by Tough Elf Alfalfa Arts

PinkMan and the Last Milkshake

PinkMan and the Last Milkshake by Arcade To Death


Vesuvius by Vincenzicus

Space Fat: To the Core

Space Fat: To the Core by winknowsgames

Boxing - Bounce and Jab!

Boxing - Bounce and Jab! by Mad Elephant Studios

Impossible Platform

Impossible Platform by xFinal

Cowboy Duel

Cowboy Duel by Siendemy

Classic billiard

Classic billiard by GalantiAmir

Helicopter Battle

Helicopter Battle by Siendemy

Car Driver 2D - Hard Levels

Car Driver 2D - Hard Levels by Raygram Studios

The Shootout!

The Shootout! by Mad Elephant Studios

Pixel Dash

Pixel Dash by CmSpeedrunner

Pigs Can't Fly

Pigs Can't Fly by Illuna

Click It

Click It by Grif

Chibo adventure

Chibo adventure by squaremonkey

Norman's Warplane

Norman's Warplane by Norman

Toweralia -

Toweralia - by Ulises Freitas


Racealia by Ulises Freitas


Aeralia by Ulises Freitas


Sina by EAnim

Calques Collector

Calques Collector by Kerim Mounir



Super Pixel Adventure

Super Pixel Adventure by Rye

Dark & FI

Dark & FI by Deevei Games

Oblidat Souls

Oblidat Souls by Deevei Games


Grindeee by Zedrick Mojica



It's Bleck Man

It's Bleck Man by FunMan24

Dangerous Crossing

Dangerous Crossing by Aleksandr Sytin

Colors Slash

Colors Slash by Oxey405

Jogo da localização

Jogo da localização by Saul Lim Santos

The Great Eggscape

The Great Eggscape by RicoTV

Heroes Quest

Heroes Quest by TemptyOne

John's World

John's World by Torres Hernandez Design

Surtr: The Edge Of Ragnarok

Surtr: The Edge Of Ragnarok by HelperWesley

Fast Food

Fast Food by Illuna

Scarlett Of Power

Scarlett Of Power by ShyLxve

Ice Cream Rescue

Ice Cream Rescue by DiceFlip Games

Pop It Bomb!

Pop It Bomb! by André Holtz

SpaceBar Runner - Click and Run Game

SpaceBar Runner - Click and Run Game by GameSome

Rhythm Retro

Rhythm Retro by Soulzilla

Friday Night Funkin Character Test Playground Remake

Friday Night Funkin Character Test Playground Remake by MadManToss

Light (demo)

Light (demo) by TGE


Cl1cky by Dorikyh

Shape Editor

Shape Editor by yunuselcan

Tile-On: Matching Game

Tile-On: Matching Game by GameSome

Pixel Block Down - Rapid Roll

Pixel Block Down - Rapid Roll by Pixel Ans Games

Square Dash - Geometry Adventure‏

Square Dash - Geometry Adventure‏ by Ismail



Super Track

Super Track by Ellam Ondre

A Fishy RPG

A Fishy RPG by LGV

The Lost Dog's Frienship

The Lost Dog's Frienship by MSAR


Funtoos by Ganik

Space Shoot 2

Space Shoot 2 by jegabbgames

Mid Night Ball

Mid Night Ball by WkPlayGames

Aro Music

Aro Music by M. Elías

Sourcelight RPG

Sourcelight RPG by Bryce Call

Jump Up Top

Jump Up Top by Omartainment

In The Belly Of The Beast

In The Belly Of The Beast by Selvic Games

Hyper C

Hyper C by Marandici

Star Lords Clash

Star Lords Clash by Starlite Games

playing scales

playing scales by wesleymontaigne

Level 5 - The Challenge

Level 5 - The Challenge by PlayDude

Racha Cuca

Racha Cuca by Paulo Mello


Adent by Kokeen Games

Soul Path

Soul Path by Gtine


Physik by Arkodsko


Wenemia by edwin ramcas


Draggable by AGK


Gearbox by Jurfix

Takumi and the spooky planet

Takumi and the spooky planet by Yurei Inku

Pinball 2D

Pinball 2D by Paulo Mello

NO MORE FUN After Space Parties

NO MORE FUN After Space Parties by Zwumyn25 (Pierre) and Kreaki (Rémi)

Organ Tangram

Organ Tangram by Kreaki (Rémi Décorne)

Block Candy

Block Candy by WkPlayGames

La course de Noël

La course de Noël by La Station


Looped by Leo Red


SocialKnott by Untameddevelopment

The Purple Chapters

The Purple Chapters by MrPhysical

Weather Feels Like

Weather Feels Like by Jurfix


DotBullet by FawDot

Gratified Galaxy

Gratified Galaxy by Endoblance


Odisea by Yuregames

Risky Frisk

Risky Frisk by Naeem Mohammad

Knight survival phone

Knight survival phone by ID Games

Recycling for My City

Recycling for My City by Mercatoria Studios

Titan withLens

Titan withLens by DrEnds

Catco's Galaxy Rust (Act 2)

Catco's Galaxy Rust (Act 2) by ocfrom

Ryan Run

Ryan Run by Isaac_2

Quiz of Tale

Quiz of Tale by romezos

Coronavirus game

Coronavirus game by Nsuadi Moise

Physics is power

Physics is power by skrinner


CubeSnake by shadow00dev

Caramel Mutt Adventure

Caramel Mutt Adventure by Ian Peter

Gank By Mom -escape game

Gank By Mom -escape game by Hoang Wizard



AVACADO PIT | Gdevelop

AVACADO PIT | Gdevelop by MSAR

Super Blue Blob 2

Super Blue Blob 2 by Y.A.C Games

Block Escaper

Block Escaper by Ranbarg Studios

Sky Lords

Sky Lords by Starlite Games


Bryga by Dev38Games

Nekon Kodyg

Nekon Kodyg by Dev38Games

Zombie Attack : Tower Defense

Zombie Attack : Tower Defense by Frolics2dio


Fireworks by Frolics2dio

Um Pouco de Nós

Um Pouco de Nós by Ompleto


PhysWurld by CodeSplash/Kiwili Inc.

Smiler's Adventures

Smiler's Adventures by Jimmy Faucher

Broken Game

Broken Game by Comdar


Quoin by Jimpa

Knight survival

Knight survival by ID Games


Build. by Fredboi901

The Men In The Town Below

The Men In The Town Below by TwistedEvil

Nick's Adventure

Nick's Adventure by NickTeamGames

Animal world

Animal world by ID Games

Quantum Racing

Quantum Racing by Quantrum Interactive Systems S.A.S

Good Luck

Good Luck by IsMakeGames

Avventura Ragno

Avventura Ragno by PixGameAdventuresStudios


Lighty by ItsGitto

Super Blue Blob

Super Blue Blob by Y.A.C Games

Um Pouco de Nós

Um Pouco de Nós by Ompleto


Achieve by Pih Interactives

Cyber Cyclops

Cyber Cyclops by Cacique Indie Game Art

Painting with Larry

Painting with Larry by 47%Games

Broiler Stars

Broiler Stars by Markus Schütz

Trepidation - Analog Horror Game

Trepidation - Analog Horror Game by QHG Studios

contraste interno

contraste interno by EAnim


re-castrum by EAnim


AVGDevelop by Hut Games


Majken by Tilda Kampman

Tricky Puzzle

Tricky Puzzle by Gasparyan


Boomoji by Riccardo Pilloni

Planet Basher

Planet Basher by PalmTanic Studios

Rincon de Aventuras

Rincon de Aventuras by GioRoblesC


RADAR by SpringySpringo


Pitballs by Orbinho


MonsterClickers by GamePants

Delivering Bones

Delivering Bones by CatGumba

Manus World

Manus World by TeamStream


SquarePlosion by Mikayeel Hussain


HIGH SCORE HUNTING by katakuriko

Phantom Square

Phantom Square by H2Y Games

Phantom Square 2

Phantom Square 2 by H2Y Games

The Computer Virus Game

The Computer Virus Game by ariintheflesh


Mr.Geometry by Ysodi Corporation and GDevelop


EXTINCION by SebasDev and MaxDev

Hyper C

Hyper C by Marandici


REMA TU BOTE by SebasDev

Super Nutshell Bros

Super Nutshell Bros by Gooser and friends