How to (and Why) Become a GDevelop Community Advocate

As a Community Advocate, you'll be at the forefront of spreading the word about GDevelop.

GDevelop is a free and open-source game engine. As such, the community around GDevelop is absolutely crucial to making it better, more accessible, and better known.

We have been incredibly fortunate in having people contribute their time, their code, their art, or their passion to GDevelop, which is why we're officially creating the GDevelop Community Advocate program.

Find out below who the current advocates are, why they help, how they help the community. If you have an idea or project join them!

As a GDevelop Community Advocate, you'll be at the forefront of spreading the word about GDevelop, you lead local communities, organize online and offline events, contributing to the source code, extensions, art, etc. GDevelop Community Advocates are the tip of the spear that launches and unites our community around the globe.

If you're interested in becoming a GDevelop Community Advocate and contributing to GDevelop's growth around your city or area of interest, please get in touch. We'd love to hear from you!

Please note that advocates are people coming from all backgrounds, origins, ethnicities... GDevelop users are from the whole world and we want to encourage everyone, including minorities and people not usually represented a lot online, to be part of our advocates.

If you're a brand or a company interested to work with us, feel free to reach out to use by sending us a mail at: marketing [at]

By applying to the Advocate Program, you're agreeing to its Code of Conduct, as well as GDevelop's Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy.

How to be a Community Advocate

There are many ways in which you can be a Community Advocate:

  • Be a Moderator:
    You'll help moderate the conversations in these communities, mainly on the forum and Discord, and perhaps even enable the creation of a community in your language if one doesn't already exist. You'll do your best to try and find an answer to users' questions and requests for help. We are looking for multilingual people.

  • Meetup Organizer:
    Organizing in-person a group or a meetup in your country, region, or city. All virtual events around GDevelop will allow you to strengthen the sense of community and touch the lives of the people you interact with.

  • Be an Asset Creator:
    GDevelop ships with a built-in asset store for artists to share and sell their creations with GDevelop's community. This allows people to create games without needing to worry about creating art. You can be a part of this endeavor and sell your art in-store.

  • Be an Extension or Example Creator:
    Extensions and examples further empower people to create games more easily. We have a written guide on how to submit extensions and examples.

  • Be a Content Creator:
    You write or record tutorials of cool things about GDevelop. You write a book or you have a game dev community behind you.

  • Be a Translator:
    GDevelop is constantly growing, changing, and improving. In order to make these improvements accessible to as many people as possible, translations are needed. You'll become a beacon of help to those who speak your language. Fluency in English is a requirement to translate the original words on Crowdin.

  • Be a Core contributor:
    GDevelop is an open-source project. That means anybody can contribute to the source code to improve the engine. You can be at the forefront of software development and help introduce new features or fix bugs in current and future builds.

Why Become a GDevelop Community Advocate

  • Early access to new features:
    Depending on the type of advocate you become, you may get early access to new features in a test build, and report on friction points you've seen. You may also become a tester, providing invaluable feedback to the core team and actively contributing to the building process of new features.

  • Discord Server perks:
    Community Advocates will have special roles on our Discord server, as well as access to exclusive channels where you can interact with other Advocates around the world.

  • Digital and Physical goodies:
    We're working hard to create digital and physical goodies to reward Community Advocates. Stay tuned for more news on this in the future.

Are you ready to play a bigger role in the GDevelop Community? Apply to be a Community Advocate today!