100 releases of GDevelop 5 🎉

Florian Rival

Florian Rival

GDevelop 5 recently reached its 100th release. It’s a great milestone, and looking back at the first versions of GDevelop, we’re very proud of what was accomplished and we’re even prouder of the community that is living around GDevelop!

To celebrate this, we’re opening this blog, where we’ll regularly post about news around GDevelop, new features and highlights about community games and creators.

2 new features thanks to Google Summer of Code students…

This summer, we had the pleasure to get contributions from 2 students for Google Summer of Code. Nilay Majorwar implemented a command palette and customizable shortcuts, giving a very nice productivity boost to power users. Harsimran Singh Virk implemented dynamic 2d lights, a perfect way to improve your game visual quality, create day/night effects and improve your game atmosphere.

👉 Try these features in the latest release of GDevelop!

…and lots of other improvements

This 100th release comes with its usual bugfixes, but also:

It’s an opportunity to send our thanks to the contributors that make GDevelop better with each release ❤️

Don’t forget the live preview!

Live preview was recently added to GDevelop. It’s a great feature to improve your productivity while using the editor. Whenever you launch a preview, do some changes in the editor, then click again on the icon to run the preview: it will be automatically updated with the latest changes, without restarting your game.

Better, it works with the network preview. Run it to remotely test your game on your phone, tablet or even other computers, instantly seeing your changes!

What’s next?

The development of GDevelop is community driven and priorities depend on what is being asked by the community and what contributors can help on. We should soon see support for Firebase, a Bitmap Text allowing to use bitmap fonts… and also some other secret stuff, but it’s a surprise 🤫

Vote or comment on the public Trello roadmap to make the features you care about visible, and take part in the community on the forum and on the GDevelop Discord.

Here’s to the next 100 releases!