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Discover the best way to teach students the principles of game design, and critical thinking for game development.
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Schools around the world are teaching with GDevelop

Teachers can follow student’s work

Monitor Projects
Teachers can access student’s projects to monitor their progress.
Manage classes with classrooms
Keeps classrooms and projects organized.

Students can work on their projects from any device

Safe for every student
No personal information is stored on GDevelop
Open source that runs everywhere
Chrome, Windows, Linux, Mac, iOS and Android.
Cross platform access
Projects can be created from anywhere: laptops, smartphones, Chromebooks and tablets.


Education resources
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Use GDevelop’s native features to teach Game Design’s principles

Some of the features that make GDevelop the best game engine for schools.

Drag and drop interface
Visual oriented “what you see is what you get” creation.
No-code approach
Start with its intuitive event-based system logic suitable for kids as young as 6 year-old; and progress to JavaScript.
Keep students engaged with ready made logic implementations.
Preview your game
Run games on the same device to immediately play test them.
Get learning recommandations directly on the app

Why are educators using GDevelop

One of the features I really love is the integration of Piskel, which has allowed students to design their own characters and easily add them into the game. I also like the resources that students have access to, which allows users to feel confident continuing to design their game even if the class has finished.

The university degree of Digital Arts is 100% focused on art, and since GDevelop works with events instead of coding, the students can focus on the design and art of the game itself, which was my objective.

With GDevelop you can make something interactive that lets the learners become the leaders of their learning process. And it doesn’t take the educator that much more time and effort than creating slides.

The Easiest Way To Start Game Developing. As someone who had no experience creating games other than some simple coding on Minecraft, GDevelop made it easy for me to jump in and try it out. I did have to watch some tutorials on YouTube, but after those, I was able to animate and code my own simple platformer, and my students were able to see it as well!

This app has been for me the best option to approach students closer to the world of video games. I lived a great experience when I guided my students step by step, through the tutorials, discovering GDevelop: to see their faces of surprise when the objects began to move, jump, follow instructions.

Try it yourself.

GDevelop is loved by teachers and students because it's accessible, rewarding and perfect for learning game develoment or coding.

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Teach logic, coding and game creation.
  • Full anonymous accounts for students
  • NDPA or custom privacy agreements
  • Curriculum, posters and exclusive resources for teachers
  • Organize students per classroom
  • Access students projects
  • Version history for all projects
  • Publishing to any platform
  • GDevelop mobile app full access
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