Premium Plans

For education

Using GDevelop for education or workshops? We can provide you with Gold subscriptions to your students, team, or group. Choose how many users (teachers or students) you need. This plan ensures anonymity and you may overview all creations with your lead account. When buying this plan, allow 2 business days to get all the student and teacher accounts delivered to you.

Most value


For students and teachers
per month, per user
How many users do you need?
Enter your email address
or €29.99
per year, per user
(2 months for free)
How many users do you need?
Enter your email address
Unlimited web, desktop and mobile app
Teach on any device, even tablets
NDPA and privacy agreements
We help you get GDevelop approved if needed
Students anonymity
Emails and full names not even required
Chat/email with the GDevelop team
To help you get started
100 Cloud Projects
500MB of resources per project

Use the free version

Free and open-source forever
MIT license
Unlimited web and desktop versions
2 cloud builds/day, unlimited manual builds
10 Cloud projects
50MB of resources per project
3 leaderboards for each game
With default colors
AdMob and In-App Purchases
Open-source, community made extensions
GDevelop branding at game launch
Splashscreen and/or floating logo with your username

Using GDevelop in a different context?

Hobbyists, Indie Devs
  • Work and save on the cloud
  • Export to mobile & desktop
  • Full mobile app access
Professional & Teams
Companies, Studios and Agencies
  • Collaboration features
  • More game exports
  • Custom branding

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