For education

Teach logic, coding and game creation.
  • Full anonymous accounts for students
  • NDPA or custom privacy agreements
  • Organize students per classroom
  • Access students projects
  • Version history for all projects
  • Publishing to any platform
  • GDevelop mobile app full access
No ties, cancel your subscription anytime. Payments done using and PayPal secure infrastructure.

Order now for your classroom, school or university

Using GDevelop for education or workshops? We can provide you with Gold subscriptions to your students, team, or group. Choose how many users (teachers or students) you need. This plan ensures anonymity and you may overview all creations with your lead account. When buying this plan, allow 2 business days to get all the student and teacher accounts delivered to you.

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For students and teachers
per month, per user
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or €29.99
per year, per user
(2 months for free)
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Using GDevelop in a different context?

Hobbyists, Indie Devs
  • Work and save in the cloud
  • Export to mobile & desktop
  • Full mobile app access
Professional & Teams
Companies, Studios and Agencies
  • Collaboration features
  • More game exports
  • Custom branding

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)