Game jams

Taking part to a game jam can be fun, but you need to choose the right game engine. Read below why GDevelop is the best for you, maybe you'll win the next Global Game Jam or Ludum Dare!

GDevelop Organizes Jams

GDevelop hosts its own jams! Most recently, the GDevelop Game Jam #1 took place in February of 2022, and the Examples Jam #1 happened in April. Participants used GDevelop in both events.

Ready-to-use assets with the Asset Store

Sometimes jams are short - or you want to compete alone. Doing all the graphics, sounds, and game logic is a job for a team.
The integrated asset store bundled with GDevelop makes you faster and more independent.

Download backgrounds, characters, icons, and sounds for your game in a single click.

The Asset Store

Make your assets with Piskel

GDevelop is bundled with Piskel, a sprite editor that is perfect to quickly draw your sprites and for pixel-art... or browse the thousands of free assets on the asset store to start even faster.

Read more about making 8-bit and pixel-art games.

Piskel editor

Generate sounds effects like a pro

GDevelop has an integrated sound effect generator, Jfxr. You can create sounds effects like explosions, jump, coins, power-ups in a single click and customize them as you wish.

JFXR editor

No code with Behaviors

Want to create a retro platformer game? GDevelop has pre-made behaviors that you can attach to your character and your platforms.
In a few seconds, you have a basic platformer game running and ready to be customized and enhanced without any line of code!

The community has created a lot of behaviors. You can even create your own and share them!

Go deeper: events editor

Imagining and creating the rules of your game does not require to master the syntax of a complex programming language anymore.

The events editor displays a list of events. Each event is composed of conditions and actions. When conditions are fulfilled, actions are run.

It's that simple. With a simple concept, any complex game can be built.

The event sheet

Fast publishing

To keep your momentum, being able to publish quickly and seamlessly is important. That's why in GDevelop you can click on the Publish button and get your game hosted in no time for free on our game hosting platform:

Read more on how game publishing is incredibly fast.

Easy learning curve

At GDevelop we hired content creators to help people to get started quickly.
They create video tutorials, game starters, game feature examples, and wrote tons of documentation to support newcomers.

Check out the GDevelop Academy to read and watch the official tutorials.

Most popular game jams

If you don't know the most popular game jams, we listed some for you.
We listed some for you:

We've also created our official GDevelop Game Jam in early 2022. Supported by the community, new GDevelop game jams will be organised regularly!