This is the Canva for Making Games - Free and No-Code

This free and open source tool is the Canva for making video games: easy to use, no code needed, over 100 starter templates, and more!

Canva is an amazing tool. It has revolutionized graphic design, making it accessible to millions. Through a combination of ease of use and ready-made templates, Canva has simplified the creation of social media posts, flyers and more. But what if you want to make a video game? Is there a tool that is as easy to use for making video games, as Canva is for designing? Yes! This free no-code app is the Canva for making games.

What Makes GDevelop the Canva for Making Games

Ease of Use

Both Canva and GDevelop are extremely easy to use. Canva allows people from all walks of life to make great designs easily. Similarly, GDevelop makes it easy for anyone to make games.

In fact, GDevelop has been used in classrooms with children as young as 9 years old!

You do not need to write a single line of code. To make games with GDevelop, you will use an intuitive Event System that activates actions if a condition is true.

GDevelop's intuitive event system.

Also, there are many Extensions to make common jobs easier. You don't need to create the logic for a platformer character, for example. You simply add the Platformer behavior to an object, and away you go.

Templates, Templates, Templates

A blank page can be extremely intimidating, specially if you're just starting out creating something. Both Canva and GDevelop make it easy for you to start something new with hundreds of starter templates and projects.

In GDevelop, there are over 200 templates and projects, most of which are free. This allows you to choose a starting point and modify a template to your liking.

GDevelop has tons of starter templates and projects.

GDevelop has tons of starter templates and projects.

And if you want to sell your game, that's not a problem. GDevelop templates come with a license that allow you to use them for commercial games!

Did I mention most are free?

The Power of a Free Account

I'm a Canva user, and one of the things I like the most is just how much you can do with a free account. There are tons of free templates and assets, and most export options are also free.

GDevelop also has free accounts, and they are nearly limitless in their capabilities! You can totally start making your game, and even make a game from start to finish, with a free account.

You can even export your game to Windows, Linux, Mac and Android, as well as the web, for free.

Premium Options Tailored to your Needs

With Canva, you also have the option to pay for Pro features, which include access to more templates, more export options and more.

GDevelop also has Premium subscriptions, and they come tailored to every need.

All of them come with full access to our iOS and Android apps, which allow you to continue making games on the go!

If you're a single power user, the Individual Premium subscriptions give you cross-device project synchronization, more daily builds, more cloud backups, and a long list of other benefits.

There's a GDevelop Premium subscription to fit every need.

There's a GDevelop Premium subscription to fit every need.

If you're an agency, we have Business subscriptions that allow you to create a game collaborately!

And if you're an Educator, we have extremely accessible Educational subscriptions that give you full student anonymity, project overview and other features developed based on feedback from teachers just like you!

Tutorials Make Everything Easier

Both Canva and GDevelop have extensive tutorials to make it easy for new users to get used to the app. Canva has the Design School, and GDevelop has the GDevelop Academy.

The GDevelop Academy has all the tutorials you need to get started.

The GDevelop Academy has all the tutorials you need to get started.

There's also our YouTube channel, which releases new videos all the time, and the GDevelop documentation, which is full of useful, in-depth information about each function within the app.

GDevelop: The Canva for Making Games

As you can see, GDevelop truly is the Canva for making games. From powerful free accounts, to tutorials and starter templates, and tailored Premium offerings, both GDevelop and Canva make creating more accessible than ever before.

Get started today, and make your game idea a reality!