About game publishers and publishing agreements

Franck Dubois

Franck Dubois

To become a game developer starting from zero, GDevelop is a perfect solution: it’s free to use, easy to get started with, allow to make games for a large varities of platforms, and has a community ready to help you. Designing and making a video game are often the first things we think about - but it’s not enough! Publishing and monetizing a game are important parts of the lifecycle of a game - and can be difficult without the proper knowledge of these domains.

Think about working with a publisher

Selling your game, publish additional contents, add advertisements in games… there are many ways to monetize a game. If you have a good quality game, it might be a good idea to find a game publisher that could help you to reach more players and monetize well your game.

Here are some that could be helpful, in no particular order:

Learn about publishing agreements

Publisher Raw Fury (Kingdom, Call Of The Sea, Backbone) has made public its full publishing agreement, including revenue split percentages, for all to read. The agreement has been translated into a few different languages for reference.

This lower the entry barrier to the industry because there are few developers with the experience of managing deals with publishers. It’s a good idea for you to go and read their publishing agreements to get an idea of how it works.

By publishing this agreement, Raw Fury also pushed other publishers to do the same and increase the transparency within this part of the industry. Publishing contracts shouldn’t be treated as a business secret. Whitethorn Games did the same: they shared their Generic Whitethorn Service Contract.

Download publishing agreements for free

See these links to have a look at how agreements contracts are done: