Celebrate the Season with Quests and Advent Calendar! 🎄🎁

Aurélien Vivet

Aurélien Vivet

The holiday season is upon us, we're feeling the festive spirit more than ever. To express our gratitude for your unwavering support, we've launched not one, but two incredible ways for you to join in on the celebrations – introducing Zealy.io quests in the GDevelop community and the Advent Calendar on gd.games!

Introducing Quests on Zealy.io

Quest board on Zealy.io

Get ready for days of thrilling quests that will immerse you in a world of challenges. Complete daily quests to reach the top of the leaderboard, discover what does the talented community of GDevelop creators. This adventure isn't just about the thrill of completing quests; it's about the fantastic prizes waiting for you at the top:

- Free marketing campaign for your game: The top ranks come with the glory of being featured in our next campaign on our social networks and e-mail campaign, providing your game with increased visibility and attracting more players and feedback.

- $50 Cash Prize: Treat yourself to anything your heart desires with a $50 cash prize – consider it our way of saying thank you!

- Exclusive Subscriptions: Enjoy a 3-month Plus subscription on zealy.io and a 3-month Gold subscription on GDevelop app, unlocking a world of premium features and benefits whenever you work with.

- $50 Goodies: Get stuff from the GDevelop Goodies Store, because you deserve a cool swag!

Ready to embark on this thrilling adventure? Follow the rankings, discover quests to complete, and keep track of the timeline now!

Advent Calendar is Going Strong

But wait, there's more! The GDevelop Advent Calendar on gd.games is in full swing, bringing joy and surprises to thousands of participants. With over 7,800 entries so far, the excitement is strong, and the prizes are flowing - get a chance to win the premium asset packs, bundles, game templates, and subscriptions!

The Advent Calendar on gd.games

Here's how it works:

  1. Daily Unwrapping: Participants eagerly unwrap a virtual present every day on the GDevelop Advent Calendar.
  2. Lottery Draw: The next day, a lottery draw takes place among all the participants and the winner is display on the advent tree calendar. Will you be one of the lucky winners? - every day is a chance to win big!
    (All conditions and rules to get the rewards in the game description.)


What are you waiting for? Join the fun, unwrap your daily present, and enjoy the holiday magic!

It's the season of joy, creativity and gratitude. Happy holidays from all of us at GDevelop! 🎅🎉