The Easy No-Code Game Design Bundle is Live at Fanatical!

Marcos Codas

Marcos Codas

Easy no-code game design bundle.

The New " Easy No-Code Game Design Bundle" is Live!

We have partnered once again with the great folks at Fanatical to bring you another first-class bundle of assets and GDevelop Silver! In short, all you need to get started in your game design journey.

What's Included

There are three tiers, starting at just $1! If you choose to buy the top tier at $12, you get all of the following:

  • 6 Months of GDevelop Silver ($35 value)
  • And the following asset packs:
    • Pixel Dark Fantasy ($7 value)
    • Cyberpunk Neon World Enemies ($4 value)
    • Cyberpunk Neon World Heroes and NPC ($4 value)
    • Cyberpunk Neon World GUI and Icons ($4 value)
    • Sci-Fi Space Village ($5 value)
    • SciFi Space Village Animals And Enemies ($5 value)
    • SciFi Space Village Characters and Icons ($5 value)
    • Pixel Dark Fantasy Level 2 ($7 value)
    • Pixel Dark Fantasy Level 3 ($6 value)
    • Cyberpunk World ($7 value)

$75 Value for $12! That's a 84% Off Discount!

Get hundreds of assets and 6 months of extra cloud builds, more online storage and more with a GDevelop Silver subscription.

Truly, a fantastic place to get started in your game development journey.