The GDevelop 3D Jam Is Here! Join Today

Marcos Codas

Marcos Codas

The time has come once more! Another GDevelop Jam is upon us, and we bring exciting new things for you all. Welcome to The GDevelop 3D Jam !

The GDevelop 3D Jam will run from May 19th to May 28th on this jam page!

That is right! Our first 3D-focused game jam is here, following the GDevelop Game Jam , GDevelop Game Jam #2, and GDevelop Game Jam #3, as well as smaller weekend and example jams held during 2022 and 2023. Over 800 games were made by more than 4000 people during GDevelop Game Jams. And we hope to see you in this one, too!

🔥GDevelop's First 3D-Focused Game Jam!🔥

"3D in GDevelop?", we hear you ask. And the answer is YES! Between PANDAKO's wonderful 3D extension and a new 3D box object that is currently in development, you'll be able to create fun experiences easily in no time.

All of this will happen before the jam starts on May 19th, so that participants have a chance to get used to the new features before the start of the event.

There will even be some templates and examples!

So stay tuned for news on these features in the coming weeks.


The 3 games with the highest overall scores will be declared Community Winners. They will get :

  • Their games featured for a week on, GDevelop's game storefront.
  • They will also get special roles on the GDevelop Discord server.
  • 3-month GDevelop Gold subscription!
  • And your game shared across GDevelop's social network.

This is a very exciting event for us, as it'll be the first-ever event focused on pushing the envelopes of the third dimension in GDevelop.

We hope to see you there!