GDevelop at an All-Girls School in Singapore!

Marcos Codas

Marcos Codas

Today, we have another cool story for you about GDevelop in the classroom. Last month, you heard the testimony of Maria, a teacher in Denmark who uses GDevelop to teach game development in after-school programs. In this entry, we'll talk about a similar program that's taking place in Singapore. And this time, we "sent" an emisary!

GDevelop's Product Designer Evaluz Luna "Speaks" at an All-Girls' Event in Singapore

The picture above is from an event, a cohort of over 100 students from Sec3 Passion Pursuit from CHIJ St. Nicholas Secondary School, Singapore. The students participated in a development workshop and competition, judged by local heroes Mighty Bear Games (a Singaporean development studio).

The event was fully ran using GDevelop as the game engine, and as you can see on the picture, a lot of the girls were using iPads and other tablets to develop their games (using the GDevelop web app).

Also on the picture, and up on the big screen, you can see the face of GDevelop Product Designer Evaluz Luna.

GDevelop's Emisary

Evaluz Luna Talking to Students.

Evaluz shared her own experiences as a woman in the video game industry, as well as her personal history of migrating from her native country to Europe in search of better opportunities.

Yoni Garbourg, the founder of A Posteriori, the organization in charge of putting this event together, had this to say about Evaluz' testimony:

"The message was straight on. Thank you for engaging with our students, and offering a peek into your private and professional world! It was very engaging and meaningful."

Engaging with Students and the Community

At GDevelop, we love reaching out and engaging with students and educators alike. Be it a teacher in Denmark organizing after-school projects, or girls in Singapore making their first game on an iPad, this is the type of thing that makes all the hours of hard work worthwhile.

We're thankful to Mr. Yoni Garbourg for the opportunity to reach out to the girls at St. Nicholas Secondary School.

If your school uses GDevelop in the classroom, or you're an educator using GDevelop in class or in an after-school program, we want to hear from you! Please, reach out to [email protected].

Thank you for allowing us into your homes, schools and workshops. We're priviledged to be a small part of your educational journey.