Interview with Yann, indie game developer

Franck Dubois

Franck Dubois

Yann is an indie game developer, and a GDevelop user. He made a fun and sweet game called Pub Owner. We went to ask him a few questions about his usage of GDevelop!

Can you tell us about you?

I started coding on 8 bits computer like Sinclair ZX81 or Thomson MO5 in the 80’s. At this time, I coded more than I played video games.

I’ve always been attracted to any kind of artistic field, like music or drawing. I’ve played the bass, but mostly as a hobby.

What I like in video games is that it’s a mix of things: development, animations, sound or gameplay. What’s great is that it can also be a source of additional income for me, in addition to a hobby.

Why did you choose GDevelop to make video games?

I’ve followed a French training workshop “Becoming a video game developer”, and it was a great surprise to work with GDevelop! It allows to build video game much more quickly than other complex tools.

What difficulties did you face?

Overall it was really smooth. I was used to classic programming, so I took a bit of time to get familiar with the event system and how we organise things with it - but that’s pretty much it.

What advice would you give to someone who wants to start creating video games?

I would say to:

  • Be organised in what you do, and at the same time boost your imagination, develop it.
  • Do things step by step, don’t try to make everything perfect (time is money!).
  • Be open to all the domains required to make a game - but you don’t need to be an expert in everything.

What’s the current state of your video game projects?

I’ve finished my game project “Pub Owner” and also took part in a game jam. I’ve had this game project because I was frustrated not to be able to get some beers with friends… so I decided to make a game on this theme!

I’ve also been living in Ireland and at the time, I’ve been impressed by people managing the queue of customers. Hence my game: the player must serve beers to the customer, and in the proper order!

Try the free game Pub Owner made by Yann for Android on the Play Store! You can also visit his website to find more about his next games and projects.