We're Partnering With Kitsch Digital for Scream Jam 2023!

Marcos Codas

Marcos Codas

Scream Jam 2023, sponsored by GDevelop

Get your cape on and put on the fake teeth! This year, we're partnering with Kitsch Digital for Scream Jam 2023! That's right: we're joining forces to bring the GDevelop community to one of the biggest open jams on itch.io.

This will be a fantastic opportunity for GDevelop creators to mingle with other developers, engage in friendly competition and win some cool prizes.


The following prizes will be given to the top three games in the Enjoyment (Best Game) category:

🥇 1st Place: GDevelop Gold Subscription (12 months)
🥈 2nd Place: GDevelop Gold Subscription (6 months)
🥉 3rd Place: GDevelop Silver Subscription (6 months)

You can use any game engine you like to build a game for Scream Jam 2023, but there will be an additional prize for "Best GDevelop Game". It will be awared to the highest-ranking game made with GDevelop:

🎖️ Best GDevelop game: $40 credit for the GDevelop Goodies Store.


You can read the full set of rules by visiting the jam page. Overall, just make a game somehow related to horror, and don't start before the jam. Be sure to check all of the rules if you have any questions.


If you'd like to interact with the rest of the Scream Jam 2023 community, you should totally join the SCREAM ZONE Discord channel.

We encourage all members of the GDevelop community to join this jam! It'll be a fantastic opportunity to meet new people, compete in a friendly environment and potentially win some cool prizes.

And don't worry, we'll be there, too: our very own HelperWesley will help moderate the jam! See you there!