Last Month's Overview

Marcos Codas

Marcos Codas

In-App Purchases, Idle Tracker, Websocket Connection, and More Extensions and Behaviors

For the first time, an extension allows you to add in-app purchases to your game. Be careful, it's experimental, but if you want to make money with your game, give it a shot. Currently available for the Google Play Store (and therefore Android games only), it allows for free subscriptions, paid subscriptions, non-renewing subscriptions, consumables, and non-consumables.


And with new behaviors and extensions such as the idle tracker behavior and an extension for WebSocket and MQTT connection, you have more power to create advanced games.

More and Better Examples to Get You Creating Quickly and Easily

Nobody likes having to reinvent the wheel. That’s why GDevelop now comes with more and better examples! Just select an example project and get creating in seconds. There’s a new card system, landscape simulation (top-down “terraforming), a painter project, and much more!

GDevelop now has 174 Examples in total for you to get started!

These new examples, as well as the new extensions, are there thanks to community members that submitted them, and thanks to the reviews from people in the Examples and Extensions Teams. Thank you for making this possible!

Visual Effects Galore!

You’re now able to add visual effects to objects. For example, you could use the “Outline” effect to signal a possible pick-up or make an object more visible. You can also use more advanced visual effects that change the shape of the object or simply let your imagination run wild. Do you feel like going old school? Apply the “Old Film” effect and channel your inner Chaplin. There are over 30 effects available, so you can add visual effects to your heart’s content.

Using events, you can even manipulate the parameters during the game. It can be useful for different situations, such as animating or activating an effect only when an object is hit, firing bullets, moving, etc.

We’ll continue to work very hard to make sure GDevelop is the best it can be for all of you. Thank you for supporting GDevelop, and see you soon in the next blog post!

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