New Premium Subscriptions for Online Services

Florian Rival

Florian Rival

For a long time, we have had subscriptions to allow access to automated, one click packagings of your game for Android or for Desktop (Windows, macOS, Linux) in GDevelop. This was convenient for users and a way to support GDevelop development.

Today we are updating these subscriptions to give access to even more services - read more to know everything about them!

Don't have a subscription? No worries! GDevelop stays free to use and open-source as usual. But you might be interested in the new advantages we've been developing around the game engine!
If you already have a GDevelop "Indie" or "Pro" subscription - good news too, they stay valid, at the same price, and will provide the same benefits of a “Silver” or “Gold” subscription (thank you for supporting us already!).

The two new premium subscriptions are called GDevelop Silver and Gold. They cost €4.99/month and €9.99/month respectively (roughly equivalent to $5 and $10). By getting one, you unlock a lot of online services in addition to the core GDevelop game engine. All the details are available on

Here is a quick description of them:

  • Store up to 50 or 100 projects in the cloud, depending on the subscription. This is especially useful if you use GDevelop on a phone or a tablet, but soon you will be able to use Cloud projects directly from the desktop app.
    Each cloud project can store up to 250 or 500 MB of resources.
  • Unlimited leaderboards. Leaderboards are super easy to use, flexible, and can scale from a few players to millions. We allow 3 leaderboards per game when you create a free account, but premium subscribers can have as many as they want on any game.
  • Unlock more automated packagings per day. You can package your game using our one-click packaging service up to 10 or 100 times a day with a subscription. We've increased this number for the Gold subscription compared to the old Pro subscription.
  • Unlimited Player Feedback. Using the latest GDevelop versions, you can allow players to send you private feedbacks when they try your game. We store up to 10 feedback responses per game on a free account. To get an unlimited amount of responses you can update your account to Silver or Gold!
  • We'll also soon allow to access to backups for your Cloud projects - so that if you make a mistake, you can restore an old version. With a free account, we will store these backups for 2 days. With a premium account, you can have backups stored for 3 months or even a year.

We hope all these services will help you to build better games and faster - and we'll add more in the future! We believe it's best if everyone can use them even without paying, especially if you're beginning in the game creation world. That's why the free accounts also get some access to these services, and you can earn subscriptions for free if you are amongst the winners of our regular game jams!

If you have any question, please ask them on the Discord or on the forum, these are the best places to engage with the GDevelop core team, the core community members and the rest of game creators using GDevelop.