Templates and Tutorials: Interview with Bullet Bunny Creator Penusbmic

Marcos Codas

Marcos Codas

It's a fantastic day at the GDevelop official blog! We get the chance to speak with the one and only Penusbmic, the developer behind Bullet Bunny. This is a great game made with GDevelop that will be launching on Steam soon. Check out the trailer below, and read the interview with Penusbmic to know more about what it takes to create a commercial-level game with GDevelop.

Why did you choose GDevelop to make your game?

This is probably a very different answer than most. I've been making pixel art game assets for a while and wanted to improve the overall feel and include things to make them easier for devs to implement. So I thought, " Hey I should use a "no code" program to test out these game assets and hopefully improve them.

So I Googled "best no code software for game devs" and watched a video on youtube. GDevelop and Construct stuck out to me. I had used Construct years ago and didn't mind it but the FREE Gdevelop was too good to pass up. So I downloaded it and the rest is history!

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You can be like Penusbmic and make your own game, too!

What role did the tutorials play in deciding to use GDevelop?

I watched a lot of Wishforge tutorials on Youtube early on and they were really helpful and easy to follow. Then I started following the tutorials released on GDevelop's channel and still watch every new one that comes out to this day. So I'd say the tutorials played a crucial role in deciding and sticking with Gdevelop.

What role did the starter templates and projects play in the development process of Bullet Bunny?

A huge role! I still check out all the examples and templates and learn little things from all of them. The HelperWesley template Conviction of Gun Dude played a huge role in the early days of Bullet Bunny. I'm still constantly learning, so any new template in any genre is helpful.

I believe Bullet Bunny is the first game to have Steam achievementsHow did you implement them?

Arthuro555 reached out to me on Twitter with a very early build of the Steamworks Extension. Downloaded it and tested out an achievement, worked like a charm :) Thanks Arthuro!

Check out Arthuro's work!
Arthuro is part of the Extensions team and his work is all over GDevelop!

Does having a starter project in a certain genre help in the decision of whether to make a game in that genre or not? (So, for example, are you more likely to develop a racing game, if a racing game starter template is already available?)

Yes absolutely! Especially for beginners, knowing that an idea they want to achieve is possible and being able to see it is very helpful!

What type of starter templates do you want to see in the future, and why?

I'd Love to see some more turn-based templates! Tactical turn based games like final fantasy tactics, or even something like Darkest Dungeon. At some point I'd like to tackle a project like this and having a template to start with just makes life so much easier!


If you want to check out Bullet Bunny (which you definitely should!), download the FREE DEMO on Steam:

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