How to Get a Job in the Gaming Industry Using GDevelop

There are many job opportunities in the gaming industry. Today, we'll show you how to get a job in the gaming industry using GDevelop.

There are many work opportunities within the gaming industry. In fact, in terms of specialization, it is one of the most diverse creative industries in the world. So today, we'll share with how to get a job in the gaming industry using GDevelop, in many and diverse fields. Let's crack on!


GDevelop is no-code by design. But that doesn't mean you can't code in it. It just means you don't need to. Should you want to, however, GDevelop is a great way to learn, and implement, programming.

First, there's the logic. GDevelop uses an event system to make it easy for you to make games. But this system still uses sound, widely-used logic. The principles of programming that you will learn by using GDevelop can apply to almost any scenario. GDevelop teaches you to think like a programmer in an easy, intuitive way.

But that's just the tip of the iceberg. GDevelop uses JavaScript, the most widely-used web programming language in the world. JavaScript is used internally in the game engine, and also available to be embedded in your game scene logic or to create extensions (directly from the editor).

JavaScript powers most of the modern internet, so any skills you develop in programming JavaScript within GDevelop will translate to web design, mobile app development and more. When it comes to knowing how to get a job in the gaming industry and beyond, knowing JavaScript is a huge plus.

Pixel Art

Ever since they first made an appearance in the late 70s and early 80s, pixel graphics have been a mainstay in games. To this day, games like Stardew Valley or Shovel Knight use pixel graphics to great effect, garnering endless awards and charming their way into the hearts of millions of gamers around the world.

GDevelop includes Piskel, a free and open-source sprite editor and animation software. By using Piskel to create and animate your sprites, you're preparing yourself for a career as a character creator and animator for anyone making 2D games. With Piskel, you can also do more advanced graphics work, such as creating (or splitting up) tiles, drawing tilesets, and more.

And if graphics aren't your thing, GDevelop has you covered, too with an Asset Store!

Sound Effects

Even Pong had sound effects. In fact, nearly since its inception, the gaming industry has placed as much importance on the sound of their games as on the graphics. And this is due to the same reasons even silent movies had a piano accompaniment: emotion and immersion. If you want to know how to get a job in the gaming industry, sound effects are a great way to do it.

GDevelop includes Jfxr, an open-source sound effects creator. With some very simple, intuitive tools, you can make sounds for nearly every event in a game.

If you close your eyes, I'm sure you can still hear the sound a coin makes in Super Mario Bros. Can you imagine creating a sound effect that will endure decades?


Publishing is a very under-appreciated aspect of game-making, but it's one of the most important. Where you will publish your game, and how, is crucial in the success or failure of that game.

Games made in GDevelop can be exported to a plethora of platforms, including iOS, Android and Steam. Each platform has a different publishing process, and proficiency in each process is paramount if you want to succeed.

Steam is the world's largest online video game storefront.

A game created with GDevelop has the opportunity of teaching you how to publish on those platforms and more. Once you are familiar with the process, you can continue to publish your own games, or help other people publish their games as well. Perhaps, when considering how to get a job in the gaming industry, you haven't thought of publishing as an alternative. But it's a rewarding, potentially lucrative process.

You can also help open source games and indie games find an audience and connect with players. There are many possibilities out there for you to explore in this field.

Making Games

This is an obvious one, but it bears mentioning. GDevelop is a free and open-source, no-code game-making app. You can use it for free, forever, and you don't need to pay anything if your game becomes successful, either.

GDevelop makes it easy to start making games with examples and tutorials.

Be it premium, freemium, ad-supported, with in-app purchases... GDevelop can help you get started.

How to Get a Job in the Gaming Industry, Then?

You can make games, you can branch out into programming, let your imagination run wild with pixel art, make unforgettable sound effects or help the next indie star to publish their game. And GDevelop is a great way to get started.

Open the editor right in your browser or download the app for even more features.