An example of a basic platformer (Mario-like) game. Jump around and collect as many coins as you can!


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How it's built?

This game is made with GDevelop using these features:

  • Anchor
  • Event functions
  • Sounds and musics
  • Layers and cameras
  • Events and control flow
  • Storage
  • Mathematical tools
  • Mouse and touch
  • Objects
  • Scene
  • Variables
  • Linked objects
  • Particle system
  • Platform behavior
  • Sprite
  • System information
  • Text object
  • Tiled Sprite Object
  • Tweening
  • Gamepads (controllers)
  • Multitouch joystick and buttons
  • Simple Checkpoints
  • Rectangular Movement
  • Shake Object (position, angle, scale)
  • Smooth Camera Follow
  • Volume Falloff