Merge Blocks

Merge Blocks
Merge Blocks
Merge Blocks
Merge Blocks
$99By mythlesh
Merge blocks is a 2D casual puzzle game that's easy to play but challenging to master. With a clean and minimalist user interface, the project offers a visually appealing experience that's both captivating and straightforward. Enjoy the simplicity of merging colorful blocks, a gameplay mechanic that becomes progressively more challenging as you advance through levels. The game's 2D design is not only charming but also easily customizable, allowing you to reskin the game effortlessly. The game template features seamless AdMob integration, offering non-intrusive interstitial ads, banners, and rewarding video ads. Additionally, enhance your gameplay through in-app purchases, with options to remove ads or choose from various coin packages for accelerated progress. Compete on the global leaderboard, track your scores, and challenge friends to see who can become the ultimate Merge blocks champion. Remix the game now!
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