Basic example of how to create a music game like Dance Dance Revolution or Friday Night Funkin.

When the song ends, the game calculates the scores and decides who wins. Controls are: - AWSD for player 1 - LEFT,RIGHT,UP,DOWN for player 2 - Enter for start the game - R to restart the game at anytime

How it's built?

This game is made with GDevelop using these features:

  • Event functions
  • Sounds and musics
  • Layers and cameras
  • Events and control flow
  • Keyboard
  • Objects
  • Scene
  • Timers and time
  • Variables
  • Sprite
  • Text object
  • Tiled Sprite Object
  • Tweening
  • Choose from list of given string of values and return one of the randomly
  • Repeat every X seconds

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