Space shooter

A beautiful, retro side-scrolling shooter where you must defeat incoming enemies with your mecha transforming spaceship. Huge boss included!

Space shooter

Discover how to organize your ambitious project, by keeping a clean tidy creating environment! Check out how this template uses behaviors made with love by the community and also its very own function for dedicated logic.

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How it's built?

This game is made with GDevelop using these features:

  • Event functions
  • Sounds and music
  • Layers and cameras
  • Conversion
  • Events and control flow
  • Keyboard
  • Mathematical tools
  • Mouse and touch
  • Objects
  • Scene
  • Timers and time
  • Variables
  • Game window and resolution
  • Destroy Outside Screen Behavior
  • Panel Sprite (9-patch) Object
  • Sprite
  • Text object
  • Tiled Sprite Object
  • Top-down movement
  • Tweening
  • Resource bar (continuous)
  • Flash (blink)
  • Fire bullets
  • Health points and damage
  • Stay On Screen
  • Linear Movement
  • Animated Back and Forth Movement
  • Ellipse movement
  • Camera shake
  • SpaceShooterPlayer
  • Explosion