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GDevelop は無料で使いやすいオープンソースのゲーム制作アプリです。 2D および 3D ゲームの開発チュートリアルを参照し、Android や iOS などに公開しましょう。
世界中の企業が GDevelop でインタラクティブなプロジェクトを構築しています

簡単で 直感的に ゲームを作る方法

GDevelop の独自性と使いやすさを実現しているのはイベントシステムです。 イベントは強力なゲームロジックの表現手段です。コーディングと同じくらい効率的ですが、プログラミング言語のような難しさはありません。


Screenshot of Vai Juliette!
Downloaded over 1 million times across Google Play and the Apple App Store.
Screenshot of The Boys: El Patriota
Official promotional game for Prime Video's The Boys.
Screenshot of Stranded on a Raft
Took part in the Philippine Gamedev Expo 2023.
Screenshot of In Katuba
Took part in the Korean indie game festival Burning Beaver 2022.
Screenshot of Ball Challenge 2
Played over 100 thousand times across the web.
Screenshot of Lil BUB's HELLO EARTH
Funded through kickstarter, raising almost 150 thousand dollars.
Screenshot of Bullet Bunny
Took part in Steam’s summer Nextfest 2023.
Screenshot of Invincible La Segunda Oportunidad
Official promotional game for Prime Video's Invincible.
Screenshot of SPECTRUM
Played over 2 million times across the web.
Screenshot of Uphill Climb Racing Neon
Downloaded over 10 thousand times on mobile.
Screenshot of ---Red---Tether-->
Maintains a 100% positive review rating on steam over a year after release.
Screenshot of Examination of Fear
An analog horror quiz game that has been played by hundreds of YouTubers.
Screenshot of Spent Shells
Played over 100 thousand times across the web.
Screenshot of Karambola
Nominated for **AMAZE Berlin 2017 awards**, shown at NowPlayThis 2017 in London, PGA 2017 in Poznań, Pixel Heaven 2017 in Warsaw.


ビヘイビアという GDevelop の「既製ロジックの塊」を使ってゲームメカニクスをテストしましょう。 オフィス、自宅、通勤中など、どこからでも作業できます。 デスクトップアプリ、ウェブアプリ、またはモバイルアプリをご利用ください。 1 つのアカウントでいつでもクラウド上のプロジェクトにアクセスできます。

オープンソース = オープンエコシステム
どこでも動作します。 JavaScript を使用して API、外部サービス、またはデータソースを呼び出せます。
ロジックベースで操作できます。 高度なプログラミング言語もフルスタック開発者も必要ありません。
130 種類以上の既製のビヘイビアから選択し、ゲームのロジックに取り組む時間を短縮できます。

プロが GDevelop を使用する理由

Personally, I hadn't programmed in many years when I started using GDevelop in 2019. I also never felt completely comfortable with traditional programming. It turned out to be incredibly fast for me to get started with GDevelop. Already after following a single tutorial, I was up and running with my first game, which eventually became quite advanced for a beginner.

Fully functional Android and iOS apps have been developed, allowing distributors in this industry to purchase products, view their key business indicators [...]. In addition to achieving a functional app, given the features of GDevelop, visual elements were incorporated to create gamified environments that are much more appealing than a standard platform.

The killer feature for me is how quickly you can throw some graphics on screen to get you started and refine/tweak things from there. I am a very visual person so the ability to get something on screen quickly helps me think about what i want to do with that particular scene.

The best tool to work as a team.

Video games for brands, museum’s interactive projects, HR apps... The possibilities are endless.


GDevelopの使い方をステップ・バイ・ステップで学んだり、特定の機能についてのヘルプを見ることができます。 We have game-making tutorials for beginners and the wiki has complete documentation for the app.

6 Ways To Make Your Game Better

6 Ways To Make Your Game Better

Improve game feel (Or Juice) by doing 4 of these 6 things, and then the other 2 will help you get and retain players for your game. Wikipedia says that "Game feel (sometimes referred to as "game juice") is the intangible, tactile sensation experienced when interacting with video games." But there are a number of common things that developers do the make games feel more fun to interact with. So in this video we'll explain those to help you make a better game, get more players for your game, and retain those players for longer.


GDevelopでゲームを作って公開しましょう。 チュートリアルから始めて、アプリ内でたくさんのサンプルを見つけましょう。