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GDevelop and the website can be translated in your language! Translations are done on a website where everyone can get involved.

Help us by translating GDevelop or translate the website.

Help to build GDevelop

It's easy to get the source code of GDevelop on Github and start improving things! You can also create new extensions directly inside GDevelop and submit them to the list of community extensions.

A public development roadmap can guide you if you search for things to add to the engine.


The forum and the Discord chat are the places to get and provide help to other GDevelop users!

Community members also create extensions for games: discover how to share members your extensions.

You can read all ways to get involved here, and apply to become a community advocate.


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For most beginners and even advanced users, tutorials and help page are the most valuable resources to create great games quickly. On the wiki, you can write tutorials or improve existing ones.

Learn how to contribute to the wiki.


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