Create custom behaviors





  • Want enemies to automatically follow the player? Create a Follower behavior. 🏃‍♂️
  • Want some rockets to target the player? Create a Missile behavior. 🚀
  • Want enemies and the players to have health and take damage? Create a Health behavior. 💊



An action is exposed by the behavior, and can be used like any other action in the events.

Read the documentation about custom behaviors.


Behaviors, as well as extensions, can be shared between projects. You can export and import them in a few clicks. If your behavior is generic and reusable in multiple games, you can even submit it to be integrated in the growing list of custom behaviors shared by the community.

  • Create your game by assembling behaviors - perfect for fast prototyping
  • Progressively create custom behaviors for objects in your game - ideal for large games and keeping simple events.

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