Hyperspace Dogfights

A juicy jet-combat roguelike game, made with GDevelop.

Hyperspace Dogfights is a juicy jet-combat roguelike in which you'll blast, dodge and slice your way through masses of technologically inferior enemies. As your intergalactic intervention mission progresses, your adaptive hyper-jet will evolve into something stronger and weirder by gathering some of the hundreds of items available in the game.

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Hyperspace Dogfights began as a side project to our now canceled space exploration roguelike Hyperspace Admirals. HDog was prototyped in late 2016, after which it received a limited early access release on itch.io. Over the course of 2017 the majority of its content was developed and continuous alpha feedback was taken into account. The game was feature-complete in march 2018, after which the release was announced.


  • Fierce and juicy 2d jet combat against masses of air and ground based enemies
  • Hundreds of stackable passives, over fifty weapons and actives; all geared towards producing weird synergies with another
  • High replayability, your will evolve a little different on each run
  • Seven zones with distinct enemy composition to explore
  • 10+ screen-fillingbosses
  • 5+ Player hyper-jets to fly, all coming with unlockable mk2 loadouts
  • 16 chilled, multi-layered music tracks by Enuit and Ole Toensen

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