A retro 8-bit game, with beautiful arts and soundtrack, made with GDevelop.

BUB is a very special, one of a kind critter. More specifically, she is the most amazing cat on the planet... and her game is made with GDevelop!

The game is a retro 8-bit game, with beautiful arts and soundtrack, which alternates between platformers levels, with hidden secrets, and shooter levels with bosses, multiple enemies and bonuses.

Using GDevelop, the game was made available for iOS, Android, Windows, macOS, Linux and even published as a real Arcade game.


The game was announced for BUB's 5th birthday. To help making it a reality, a Kickstarter was launched so that all BUB's friends around the world can contribute. The kickstarter was initially launched with $100,000 as the goal, but reached $148,000! GOOD JOB BUB.

See the Kickstarter page.


  • Beautiful original graphics and animation
  • Parallaxing backgrounds
  • Unique level design
  • Huge variety of unique levels, bosses and enemies
  • Complex gameplay and controls
  • Unique storyline with twists and surprises
  • Item Inventory: collect items to be used strategically throughout the game
  • Completely original 8-bit soundtrack
  • Tape Deck feature that allows you to select your favorite music from the game
  • Ability to revisit and replay levels to further your progress and unlock achievements
  • Truly innovative Easter Eggs throughout

Find the game on the App store, Play Store, Windows/macOS and Linux and as an Arcade Game.