Here Are the Winners of the GDevelop BIG Game Jam #4!

Marcos Codas

Marcos Codas

It is finished! The GDevelop BIG Game Jam #4 is done!

From August 4th to 13th, 1017 people participated and submitted a total of 217 games. The theme for this jam was ON/OFF, and jammers were extremely creative in the way they applied the theme to their games.

The jam was partly sponsored by our friends at  Zorin OS,  Poki,  Fanatical!

Without further ado, here are the winners of the GDevelop BIG Game Jam #4!

🧑‍🤝‍🧑Community Winners🧑‍🤝‍🧑

The 10 games with the highest overall scores will be declared Community Winners.

All developers involved in creating these games will get the opportunity to be considered for the Judges’ Awards. The prizes for these games are:

  • 6 Month gold GDevelop memberships for the top 10 community winner,
  • and a special Discord role for top 10 community winners.

And the winners are:

  1. Logic Bulb Adventure, by Clark Padmore - Play on | Play on
  2. Switch Puzzle, by VegeTato - Play on | Play on
  3. Switched Destiny, by Riffel - Play on | Play on
  4. Super Adventure: Cheat Unlocked by DavidDelMundo & DeveloperDavid - Play on | Play on
  5. Catacomb Manager, by svilkovych - Play on | Play on
  6. Magnetic Alien Bash Mayhem, by AtomicPotato - Play on | Play on
  7. McBinary, by Rafa38gh - Play on | Play on
  8. Foxy Boom Boxy, by matthattar - Play on | Play on
  9. Lights Out | A Very Sneaky Game, by plife - Play on | Play on
  10. RobotOn, by MikelDev - Play on | Play on

Congratulations to all of the community winners!

👑Judges' Award Winners👑

These winners were chosen by a panel of judges that included GDevelop staff and our guest judge, Christer "McFunkyPants" Kaitila. The decision was extremely difficult, but the winners are:

1st Place: Logic Bulb Adventure, by Clark Padmore - Play on | Play on

2nd Place: Carbon Ghost Decoder: 4D, by World1Lev1 - Play on | Play on

3rd Place: Switch Puzzle, by VegeTato - Play on | Play on

4th Place: Cosmic Bastion, by Noxbird - Play on | Play on

5th place prize: Logica, by RamiNiemi & FatalExit - Play on | Play on

WINNERS: Please reach out to the following email address to claim your prize. You MUST use the same email address that is linked to your GDevelop/ account.

Game Jam email address.

👌Honorable Mentions👌

Here are games that perhaps were not picked as community or Judges' Award winners, but who the judges thought deserved recognition. They are presented here in no particular order.

Thank you for participating, everyone! And a huge thanks to our sponsors:

Zorin is an easy-to-use Windows alternative operating system. GDevelop is part of Zorin OS Education.

Poki has the best free online games selection and offers the most fun experience to play alone or with friends.

Fanatical is the go-to place to buy PC games and software at great prices, including our very own Easy No-Code Game Design Bundle.

📅What's Next?📅

The winners of the GDevelop BIG Game Jam #4 join an illustrious group of people: the winners of the GDevelop Game Jam #1, those from the Examples Jam #1, the Game Jam #2 , the GDevelop Game Jam #3, the Weekend Jam #1 and the GDevelop 3D Jam.

We're very thankful to everyone who has taken time out of their lives to participate in our community events. That's why we're looking forward to seeing you all in the next one! You can expect the next community event soon.

Until then, you can play the games from this jam on the new dedicated category on . See you next time!

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