GDevelop 5.3 is here. See the list of changes and new features!

Marcos Codas

Marcos Codas

A new GDevelop release is now out. GDevelop is being constantly updated with great new features and smaller patches all of the time. 5.3 is the combination of all of the minor changes that have been made since 5.2, which when combined with extra shine and polish, add up to a vastly superior experience.

Major features introduced and polished since 5.2 include:

3D make 3D games with GDevelop

Though it's been available through a few community extensions, 3D is now natively supported in GDevelop. While it has been released recently, we've already seen really cool games made with it.

3D lighting is now also activated by default for every scene with a 3D object (note that this won't affect 2D game performance). We also made available a new 3D particle emitter system that is sure to bring sparkle and juice to your game.

Steamworks integration

Steamworks Integration

Thanks to the hard work from members of the community, GDevelop now has Steamworks integration! With it you can add support for various Steam features:

  • Achievements,
  • Networking,
  • Matchmaking,
  • UGC (User Generated Content) Workshop
  • Anti-cheat/DRM to your game,
  • As well as get player information.

Some of these features have already been implemented in the game Bullet Bunny!

Read more about it on the GDevelop documentation.

Object folders — a huge QOL improvements

This was one of the most requested feature by the community: you can now group your objects in folders. This will allow you to organize both scene and global objects, as well as search by object folder.

It's perfect to group objects like backgrounds, enemies, player related objects, and find them easily. You can search by folder name when creating actions and conditions, so they are both good for organisation and to speed up your workflow.

New GDevelop Folders.

New variable syntax — making expressions easier to write

A small change with big consequences: you can now just write a variable name to use it. This works for global, scene and object variables.

Autosave for cloud projects

An auto-save of the currently edited project is now done any time you preview a game. This means that in the case of a crash of the app, or any other problem like your device running out of battery or your browser crashing, GDevelop will ask you if you want to restore this auto-save when opening your project again.

Project collaboration — share your projects with other users

Users having Start-up and Business memberships can now share their projects with other users. This is a huge improvement that will allow you to easily work together on a project without the need to use external services.

In the future, more progress will be done to allow real-time edition for projects with multiple users. In the meantime, this should still ease a lot the work for teams working on a same project!

New collaboration feature in GDevelop.

Classroom overview for Education membership

Education plan subscribers can now enjoy Classroom view, which allows for teachers to monitor student projects in view-only mode. There is also full student anonymity, with an account created for each student without the need to use their email address.

Classroom Overview for Education subscribers.

Support for unicode in the editor: emojis, Arab, Cyrillic, Chinese, Korean, Japanese...

All names, including object names, variables, function names, folders, groups, extensions now support the full range of Unicode characters.

This means you can use any name for your objects and other elements of your game - only a few special characters like space are disallowed. If you use one, GDevelop will simply correct the name for you.

And tons of smaller changes, additions and fixes

In no particular order:

  • Allow sprite animations to play backward with a negative speed scale.
  • Extensions like:
    • InAppPurchase being updated to work with Google Play Billing v5
  • Over 50 new asset packs since 5.2, 50% of which are 3D!
  • Tons of bug fixes like:
    • Fix some flaws in collision masks & points management
    • Fix error message not cleared after choosing a color in a color picker
  • We've introduced Premium game templates - game templates that you can buy and adapt, made by a GDevelop export.
  • Simplified list of actions/conditions
  • No more duplicated actions/conditions that are in common between objects.

There's never been a better time to use GDevelop to make your game! You can download GDevelop 5.3 today for Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS and Android, or use it directly in your web browser:

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