The GDevelop Game Jam #5 is HERE!

Marcos Codas

Marcos Codas

Big Game Jam #5

That is right! Another huge game jam is upon us, following the GDevelop Game Jam , GDevelop Game Jam #2, and GDevelop Game Jam #3, as well as GDevelop Game Jam #4 and smaller weekend & example jams held during 2022 and 2023. Over 1500 games were made by more than 5000 people during GDevelop Game Jams. And we hope to see you in this one, too!

The GDevelop BIG Game Jam #5 will take place from May 17th to May 26th. As always, it's an event open to anyone anywhere in the world, and teams are encouraged!

This jam is sponsored in part by  CrazyGames,  Fanatical,  Aseprite,  CodeManu, and  Spine!


The 10 games with the highest overall scores will be declared Community Winners.

All developers involved in creating these games will get the opportunity to be considered for the Judges’ Awards.

Community Winners

Teams behind the top 10 community voted games will be given 1000 in-engine credits to distributed among their team, and each team member will receive a special game jam winner Discord role.

The Judges’ Awards

All 5 games picked for the Judges’ Awards will be features on for 7 days, each team member will be given the special game jam winner Discord role, and each team lead will be given the following prizes to divide among their participants.

1st Place:

  • Published and featured on CrazyGames
  • CrazyGames physical goodie bag
  • $50 Fanatical voucher
  • A copy of Aseprite
  • FX Tools bundle
  • Spine License
  • $50 cash
  • 5000 in-engine credits

2nd Place:

  • $25 Fanatical voucher
  • A copy of Aseprite
  • FX Tools Bundle
  • $25 cash
  • 4000 in-engine credits

3rd Place:

  • $15 Fanatical voucher
  • A copy of Aseprite
  • FX Tools Bundle
  • $10 cash
  • 2000 in-engine credits

4th Place:

  • $10 Fanatical voucher
  • A copy of Aseprite
  • 2000 in-engine credits

5th place prize:

  • 2000 in-engine credits

CrazyGames is a website with a variety of awesome free online games playable directly in your browser!

Fanatical is the go-to place to buy PC games and software at great prices, including our very own Easy No-Code Game Design Bundle.

Aseprite is a pixel art and animation software used for creating and editing pixel-based images and animations.

CodeManu is the developer of useful tools like Pixel FX designer and JuiceFX.

Spine is a 2D animation software primarily used to create skeletal animations for video games.

We hope to see you there! Click below to join the jam NOW!