GDevelop for education

Using GDevelop in classroom is a perfect opportunity to teach programming, game making and unleash students creativity.

GDevelop has already been used in classrooms and online courses, with digital media students or children in first grade!


We're building a list of initiatives using GDevelop - contact us to show us what you're doing and how we can help!

Teach game making

GDevelop is a perfect choice for teaching game making. Students are able to start quickly, get motivating results and understand the logic of a game. They can try various examples and search by themselves.

You can build a course from scratch or take advantage of our tutorials.

Teach JavaScript programming

To go further, or to give an introduction to JavaScript, GDevelop will be an helpful environment where results are fun and engaging.

Read more about using JavaScript in GDevelop - it's super simple and easy to add code blocks at any moment. You can even try an example with JavaScript where events have been writing as JavaScript.