Install new extensions and share them

Search and add new features to your game in a few clicks.

Install new features with extensions

Directly from the editor, you can explore the online library of extensions (also called a "package manager" or an "extension store"). Extensions can bring new behaviors for your game objects, or actions, conditions or expressions that are ready to use in events.

Featured extensions are peer reviewed. They are ideal to add new features at a fast pace to your game, making both prototyping of new games a very quick process and allowing larger games to be constructed by assembling extensions.

Read how to install extensions and learn about creating custom behaviors.

Export your own extensions and share them

All extensions can be exported to a file. They can easily be shared and integrated to another project. Better, if you have created a useful extension, you can submit it to be integrated to the library of open-source, community extensions.

As extensions are constructed using the intuitive GDevelop events sheets, they can be composed of events, JavaScript or a mix of both.

Learn how to start a new extension and how to share your extension.

Extensions can provide new behaviors that can be added to your game objects.