Live Preview and Preview over Wifi/LAN

Achieve super fast game development with Live Preview and previews on your external devices.

Live Preview: get your changes applied to your game while playing it

Live Preview, also called hot reloading, is applying your changes to your game preview, without having to restart it. Design your level, change some events, add new objects, modify visual effects, add extensions, then click on a button and the game preview will be updated automatically.

To start using Live Preview, just launch a preview as usual. When the preview is running, go back to the editor, do some changes and press the Preview button again. That's it!

Network Preview: preview your game instantly on other devices

Live Preview also works with the Network Preview. With the Network Preview, also called Preview over WiFi/LAN, you can try your game on your phone, tablet or even on other computer browsers - without having to export them. It's useful to quickly validate the gameplay on smaller devices, verify the game performance and try the game.

Learn more about running previews in GDevelop.