10 of the Best Free Games You Can Play on Liluo.io.

Don't know what to play? Here are 10 of the best free games you can currently play on Liluo.io.

Have you heard about gd.games? GDevelop was created with the goal to democratise game creation. Similarly, part of gd.games’s mission is to give people cool games they can play on their computers or their mobile devices, for free. There are many games to play, in almost every genre. Here are 10 of the best free games to play on gd.games. Please note: they are in no particular order.


//TO:DO has a built-in editor!

Winner of the GDevelop Game Jam #1, //TO:DO was developed by MyNameIsRinax, Oxey405, arthuro555 and Ahnaf30e. It is a platformer, with a twist: the developer didn't finish making the game. Luckily, you can use the power of events (the same way you do it with GDevelop!) to create your own game mechanics, and finish the game.

It incorporates an editor with which you can add events to the game to reach the end. It has nearly 13.000 plays on Liluo.io, making it one of the most popular games on the platform. Give it a shot!

Sores and Sorcery

Can you survive the sorcerer's attacks and finish the maze?

Developed by HelperWesley, Sores and Sorcery is a short but fun arcade platformer that doesn’t allow you to sit still for long. You’ll die a lot, but always come back to fight another day. If you beat the game, you'll unlock a "speed run" mode, and get to put your name up on the leaderboard.

Want More Free Games?

Liluo.io is an amazing platform. There are also other options for free games, such as Poki, itch.io, and Crazygames.

If you're a game developer, however, you can also benefit from Liluo. You can also publish your game on itch.io, Newgrounds, Steam, Poki, and Crazygames. You can see how to publish in all of these storefronts by checking out our dedicated page on publishing.

Want to make your own game for gd.games, Poki, or CrazyGames?

But there's more on offer at gd.games, so check out more great games on there!

Poyo: The Poultry Paladin

Pixel-perfect jumps are needed in Poyo: The Poultry Paladin!

Though it is currently in Alpha state (meaning it’s not finished), zendevve’s Poyo: The Poutry Paladin is an even more hardcore platformer. Fans of Celeste and Super Meat Boy will find themselves right at home here. Pixel-perfect reflexes are the order of the day.

Minigolf World

Beware of differences in the surface grip in Minigolf World!

Jackii’s Minigolf World is a departure from previous entries in this list. Far from frantic, Minigolf World is all about precision and patience. It’s also about figuring out the different properties of each course’s terrain. There are 4 levels, each different from the last. Can you get your name to the top of the leaderboard?

Surtr The Edge Of Ragnarok

Which favor will you choose each time you revive?

Another HelperWesley game, Surtr The Edge Of Ragnarok is a return to tough-as-nails roguelites for this list. The graphics are great and the game is easy to learn, but hard to master. You will die a lot, of course, but you will come back stronger each time… if you make the right decision on which upgrade you choose! Based on Norse mythology, Surtr The Edge of Ragnarok is an experience you shouldn’t miss.


Will you reach the next wave?

Superstruct, the endless shooter by fawdot was one of the highlights of the GDevelop Game Jam #1. The vector graphics are reminiscent of gems like Tempest, and the upgrades to your ship each round feel extremely satisfying. How many waves of enemies can you deal with? There’s only one way to find out.


BigTwo also has a single-player mode against bots!

A card game based on the Chinese classic of the same name (also known as deuces), AmonRays BigTwo is a single and multiplayer experience that closely resembles commercial online card games. There’s a robust server infrastructure, leaderboards and plenty of entertainment to be had. Will you get the winning hand?

Seven Night at Rikey’s

Can you survive in this FNAF fan game?

Elairyx’s Five Night at Freddy’s fan game will be a familiar hunting ground for fans of the aforementioned franchise. You need to survive your new night shift in a haunted pizzeria when there are malfunctioning and dangerous animatronic robots trying to locate and kill you. There are a dozen characters, 7 regular nights, 1 bonus night, and more content that can be easily listed. Will you stay all Seven Night at Rikey's?

Hero Builder

This runner will keep you on your toes as you build!

VegeTato’s entry into the GDevelop Game Jam #1 won the community vote, and it’s easy to see why. This auto-running platformer needs you to complete the stages by dropping new sections as needed in order to reach the end of the level. Hero Builder is a clever twist on a tried-and-true genre that will challenge you every step of the way. It’s fun, frantic and easy to pick up.


How long can you survive in the world of sina?

Last but certainly not least, we have sina by EAnim. A survival game at heart, fans of Don’t Starve and Risk of Rain will find themselves right at home here. There’s a learning mode for newcomers, which makes the game even more accessible. The graphics are great, and the ambiance is superb.

Want More of the Best Free Games on gd.games?

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