Best CrazyGames in 2024 and How to Make a Game

Tthe best CrazyGames games in 2024! CG is a platform with thousands of games and over 15 million monthly users. Play or make your own!

CrazyGames is for Gamers and Developers

CrazyGames is a gaming portal that puts your games at the fingertips of web gamers worldwide. If you're a gamer and don't want to spend any money on new games, CrazyGames has a fantastic selection of games you can play for free.

Some of the best games currently on CrazyGames are:

Tap-Tap Shots

Tap-Tap Shots is an addictive endless basketball game where you tap the ball to make it jump. Time your taps perfectly to score before the timer runs out. Keep going for as long as you can! is an online FPS game with a voxelated art style. You can play teams, solo or parkour mode in a range of battle locations. Once you’ve picked a game, you can customize your weapons loadout to suit your playing style.

Farm Merge Valley

Farm Merge Valley is a casual farming game where you merge various animals and objects to upgrade them. Grow crops and add animals to your farm while expanding to exciting new lands. Discover the peaceful farm life you always dreamed of while reaping the rewards from various challenges.

Capybara Clicker 2

Capybara Clicker 2 is a sequel to the sensational Capybara Clicker, offering a host of improved features and upgrades. Multiply your capybara population with a click, and this time, enjoy even better enhancements, weather changes, and a range of new skins to make your capybara the ultimate standout in town.

Ragdoll Archers

Ragdoll Archer is an archery game featuring stickman characters with realistic arrows and armor physics. Arrows ricochet with resonating sounds, while unique arrows offer diverse gameplay. With varying damage to body parts, a hero progression system, challenging foes, and captivating graphics experience the thrilling world of archery. Witness the astonishing physics firsthand – give it a shot!

Here are some more great games on CrazyGames:

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CrazyGames has Games that Are Crazy!

Here are some of the craziest games on CrazyGames:

Do You Want to Make Games that Are Crazy?

Use GDevelop to make all kinds of crazy games, without learning a single line of code!

CrazyGames is for Developers, Too

All developers can submit their game to CrazyGames and begin earning revenue in a matter of days. And, your submission gets a timed spot on the homepage, providing an excellent kickstart to your earnings.

Browse and Learn more about submitting games.

You can also publish your game on, Newgrounds, Steam, and Poki. You can see how to publish in all of these storefronts by checking out our dedicated page on publishing.

You can even make games on the go! GDevelop has Android and iOS apps for iPhone and iPad. So you never have to stop making your dream game a reality.

Export your game in HTML5

GDevelop is a free and open-source game-making app. You can try it online for free, or download it to your computer.

From GDevelop, choose to export your game as HTML5. The result is a web game, running with WebGL, that can be played on any recent desktop and mobile browser.

In GDevelop, open your game and then the Export window. Choose Local folder, click on Export and wait a few seconds to get your game ready.

By the way, you can also use a similar export method to publish your game on

Submit Your Game To

You can submit your game directly to the CrazyGames developer portal, where it will be reviewed and processed within two days’ time. After your game is successfully published, you’ll get analytics and insights to help you understand how your game is performing.

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