How to Publish Your Game (and Where) - Steam,, Newgrounds, and more

You want to release your masterpiece? Let's See How to Publish Your Game and Where, Including Steam,, Newgrounds and more!

So you've made your game and are ready to let it out into the world. Great! But... how exactly do you do that? There are many options out there, so today, we'll talk about how to publish your game and where to do it. It'll include big and small stores, like Steam,, Newgrounds, and more.


Steam storefront.

Probably the biggest name out there in terms of selling PC games, Valve's Steam storefront has been at it for nearly 20 years. It is a competitive environment but one that is seen as a landmark in game development. There are fees associated with publishing here, but you can release games for Windows, Mac, and Linux (as well as the Steam Deck, Valve's own portable console).

You should definitely consider Steam when thinking about publishing your game. Thankfully, we have a whole article outlining steps on how to get your game on there, including in-depth instructions on how to publish your game made with GDevelop. platform.

A relative newcomer to the party, is GDevelop's own game publishing page. Though there are currently no monetization options built into the platform, you can still publish games with ads if your game is configured to display them.

The best thing is, though, just how easy it is to publish a GDevelop game on all you need is a free GDevelop account, and your game can be published to in a single click. Then, it can be played through a browser on almost any modern device.

Epic Games Store

How to Publish your Game on the Epic Games Store.

If you're a game developer, you have many options when it comes to publishing your games. In the past, we've talked about, Poki, CrazyGames, and even Steam. Today, we'll talk about a new giant: the Epic Games Store. Here's how to publish your game on the Epic Games Store, and why you should do it (using GDevelop).

Steam used to be the biggest name in town when it came to selling digital games on PC. But Epic (the creators of the Unreal Engine, as well as the uber-popular game Fortnite) decided to start their own game store, and went all in.



A lot of up-and-coming developers rate Newgrounds very highly on their list of Steam alternatives, as well as alternatives to the Google Play Store, for example. Newgrounds provides more visibility to new games.

Newgrounds also provides a platform for creators to publish animated films, music, art, and sound assets, so publishing your game on Newgrounds will get it seen by a different (and large) set of eyes.



CrazyGames is similar to Newgrounds in that it is very good at highligting up-and-coming creators along with established IPs.

The process of publishing to CrazyGames can seem a bit daunting, but as always, we have instructions on how to do it. And if you're using GDevelop to make your game, it's actually rather easy!



Poki is also similar to CrazyGames and Newgrounds, but it has a mostly international audience.

The website gets a lot of traffic from places like India and Japan. So if you're looking to get an international audience for your game, Poki is a good way of doing it.

Last but not least, allows you to publish games, assets, and even host jams. We host our jams on and it's a really great platform for that.

You can sell your games there, or give them away for free. works on a revenue share model, so you don't need to pay anything upfront to publish a game (unlike, say, Steam). Want to know more?

There you have it! Plenty of options to consider when publishing your game, as well as instructions on how to publish your game on each platform.

The best thing is, if you develop your game with GDevelop, you can publish to all of these platforms, and more, usually with a single click.